Falling Apples Poem by Matt Mooney

Falling Apples

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I'm up to my eyes in apples,
Lizard like upon the trunk;
Heavy branches to be shaken,
Fishing for the furthest fruit:
Ripened red and yellow faces
High on top beneath the sun.

I'm in a ball filled bouncer
But I'm careful not to fall-
Just now I ducked my head
From flying fruit going down
To hop like heavy hailstones
In a shower upon the ground.

Meabh Mooney 22 July 2009

lizard like upon the trunk..this paints a very strong memory of you and your love of trees!

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Bri Edwards 19 October 2018

BEEN UP ANY TREES RECENTLY? i liked the poem picture and the alliterations. to MyPoemList. i just ate some applesauce. i picked and prepared the apples while 'the cook' did the cookin'. not bad. but even with ladders i'm careful 'these days'. come to think of it, i've had more accidents while on ladders than when climbing and clinging in a tree, .....reaching for the gems under the sun. bri ;)

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Unwritten Soul 01 October 2011

Oh i feel like i was there watching this...careful! ! ! ! ! hahahaha, very nice poem..i enjoyed this with so happy and great smile left..The lizard is so 'The apples' lover hahaha'..Thanks for sharing with us here :) _Unwritten Soul

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John Mcmanus 04 October 2009

I like this poem Matt you write with a great sencerity and you build strong images throughout, very skillful,10.

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Bob Blackwell 03 August 2009

Try shaking with a gentle touch. A wry and funny tale.

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Original Unknown Girl 30 July 2009

Beautiful imagery in this, I could almost hear the thud of the apples... really enjoying your work. HG: -) xx

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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

South Galway, Ireland.
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