A Greater God. Poem by Matt Mooney

A Greater God.

Rating: 4.5

Dark metro tunnel: unending unknown
With no bright promise of the breaking day:
Not a place for stopping for too long.

Trust the train driver somewhere up there
To take you where each station dawns,
Bright and full of lit up faces waiting.

Down under a singer sings for everyone,
Looking as though he’s lucky to be alive
But he has to keep on singing to survive.

Up above a sleeping dog and a beggar,
Yoga style, so appealing there together.

Some street people with tongue in cheek-
I’m not sure but it’s not an issue anyway
Whether they were joking or in earnest,
Appealed for their research on marijuana;

Then a musician is running a competition
To put the men and women in opposition
As to which would give the most donations.

The worker bees were beer can collectors,
Draining them well for later they’d sell
For seven cents in the city recycling centre.

Suddenly I spy something that is do or die-
A young lady changing into warmer clothes
For the coming of a night of homelessness;
She was an honest broker in a broken world.

But the one I’d like to see again sometime
Is a nifty can collector I called ‘The Pirate’
Costumed in the grand theatre of the people,
A man I’d like to call a friend of mine.

My father’s words at the crossroads of life,
As I was about to take the boat to England,
Were: You would be better off at home
With a bag upon your back than doing that.

All said and done on hindsight he was right-
‘Better be a happy beggar than a lonely king’;
Believe in yourself and your own immortality:
Have ‘There’s a greater God than I’ mentality.

'Here I am Lord I come to do your will'.Humility is a purifying virtue.
Colm Hayes 12 December 2010

'Better be a happy beggar than a lonely king' very true if one has the courage.This poem reminds me so much of home (Dublin) it summoned up a little tear, thanks.

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Lynn Glover 23 January 2011

A very good write, Matt, I loved the theme and the smooth flow of the poem. Great job, Lynn.

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Rekha Mandagere 19 July 2011

The true picture of the society is just before us.I remembered Canterbury Tales of Chaucer's travelogue through out my reading of this beautiful poem. Great work for all times.Rekhamandagere

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Smoky Hoss 23 August 2011

A very nice character study on life, and the truest meanings there within, very good indeed. I especially like the affirmation of humanity that you give, when you state that you'd like to have 'The Pirate' as a friend; that is true humanity. I salute you... and if I may be so bold: I call you my friend! Peace to you.

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Wahab Abdul 01 March 2012

An extraordinary attempt on an excellent thought and expressed in an exquisite way, thanks.

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V P Mahur 28 March 2014

Dea Sir, This is a lovely and encouraging poem. thanks!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 26 October 2013

Kaleidoscopic scenes poem, written in fabulous style n rhymin. Pls do review my latest poem too.

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Heather Wilkins 01 October 2013

excellent writing on a good subject.

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Heather Wilkins 01 October 2013

excellent writing on a good subject.

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Zoya Khalid 24 May 2012

thank you for writing this poem..i loved it..you are a pure aesthete. :)

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Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney

South Galway, Ireland.
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