A Kings Wealth Poem by Matthew Holloway

A Kings Wealth

Rating: 4.6

Alone in a stately mansion
With all the trappings of wealth
A king resides here
Within his gilded cage
The empty halls, ghost filled
Where shadows whisper
There are none here
None to keep comfort
None to love
The fire in the hearth
Cackles and spits
Breaking the silence
Which otherwise holds all
The king
For all his possessions
The palatial residence
The antiques and paintings
The cars and jewellery
Is the poorest of all
For this home of grander
Is a prison of his nature

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness,solitude,story,wealth
Geoffrey Fafard 05 December 2018

I Actually like the sound of this stately mansion....! being a bit of a loner could be kept company by the cackling fire and the whispering shadows...! And the antiques and paintings well make it sound I like might really enjoy this type of lifestyle for a while ha ha. Great poem with good feel and colour. Thank you Matthew. Cheers Geoffrey.

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Matthew Holloway 05 December 2018

Thank you, ones own company can be a blessing at times but human company is good to have

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JB Of Garval 29 May 2019

Wonderful poetry. You are a play with many acts and actors. Well done darling.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 15 March 2019

A sparkling piece of poetry! My favorite lines: The fire in the hearth/Cackles and spits/Breaking the silence! (10)

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Akhtar Jawad 05 December 2018

Congrats! This world is also a state of the King with a lot of wealth for His people.

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Matthew Holloway 06 December 2018

Many thanks for your kind words Akhtar Jawad

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M Asim Nehal 05 December 2018

A fantastic poem. Life of king from different angle. Inside out where people see them living in luxury yet they suffer loneliness inside. A thought provoking poem.10

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Matthew Holloway 06 December 2018

Thank you, i am overjoyed you enjoyed this poem

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Lyn Paul 05 December 2018

How so many believe wealth is required for happiness yet it cannot buy love or friendship. I am with Geoffrey and am a bit of a loner. I Could certainly enjoy the wonderful garden.

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Matthew Holloway 05 December 2018

thank you, I think maybe in part this poem is the fear of being alone, but i fully understand the freedom solitude offers thought

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Matthew Holloway

Matthew Holloway

Cheshire, England
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