I Have A Girl Poem by Matthew Holloway

I Have A Girl

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I have a girl
I have a girl, a good one
a girl who looks after me
a girl with a winning smile
a girl who makes me laugh
a girl who is beautiful
a girl who is kind and strong
I have a girl who ticks boxes
a girl who is something special
a girl who is loving
a girl who has great patience
a girl I'm lucky to know
a girl you'd dream about
I have a girl I'd fight for
a girl who makes me think
a girl who feeds me
a girl I'd write poetry for
I have a girl, a good one
a girl I wouldn't swap for the world

Unnikrishnan E S 10 April 2021

Beautiful love song

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 June 2019

How fortunate you are my friend to have such a sweet girl with all the attributes that can satisfy your need and desire! A wonderful poem..................................10

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Chinedu Dike 22 March 2018

Fine and lofty versa, elegantly crafted in persuasive poetic expressions with artistic brilliance. Thanks for sharing Matthew.

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Liza Sudina 14 September 2016

It is felt she is the right person for you!

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Matthew Holloway 14 September 2016

more beautiful and wonderful than any poem could ever do justice

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Mana Kl 02 January 2014

wowee! ! its awesome! !

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Matthew Holloway

Matthew Holloway

Cheshire, England
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