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1. I'M Sick 6/8/2007
2. Someone 6/8/2007
3. No One 6/8/2007
4. Me 6/8/2007
5. Mom 6/8/2007
6. My Heart Is Yours 8/16/2007
7. Change 8/16/2007
8. Everything 8/16/2007
9. Love? 8/16/2007
10. I'M Not 8/16/2007
11. Lie 8/16/2007
12. Why 8/16/2007
13. Do You 6/8/2007
14. I Love You 8/16/2007
15. If I Died 6/8/2007
16. You 6/8/2007

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my pain is to much to hide
i need help
but no one's there
im thinking about commiting suicide

im hurting
but your to happy to see
im crying
but you just walk on by
i wanna commite suicide

im screaming
but you cant hear me
im bleeding
but you never notice
so tonight im going to commite suicide
and you'll never know im gone

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i fake a smile
i say im fine when its not
i say i wont but i really know i will
i said i love you and you just walked away
i hide my pain to make you feel better
i wish you knew what has happen
maybe then you'll get why
why this life is to much for me

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