Thinking Of Holiday - Wishing Our Lives Away Poem by Michael Knight

Thinking Of Holiday - Wishing Our Lives Away

I’m on holiday – Time to play
Cannot believe it’s time
To relax and unwind
Never thought this amount of free time I will find

‘tis your turn my Manager said
Thanks for all your hard work
You deserve your break
Ensure you make the best thereof

Now I wish for time to stand still
These two weeks will be lived at a very slow pace
Cannot afford for the time to be wasted
We all work hard for our breaks

There’s work to be done at my house
What will I do – work, play or loaf
Loaf – I think is the best answer
Is this not why I’m on leave?

Five years I never had two weeks leave
All my leave used to be invested in studying
Completing my degree
But now all my time to me is free

Wishing our lives away

I know this – One morning I will awaken
Just to go back to work again
And I will realize that the best part of any holiday or leave
Usually is the looking forward to it

I will then work hard again
in great anticipation
of the next break away from work
the circle of our life’s

Is it not funny how we always require something
To look forward to
Always the next weekend, public holiday
Or annual leave, or a special day, maybe a birthday or such

In this way we all wish our lives away
Remember this I say – a small reminder to all
Focus on today
And in this way – so much more you will gain out of every moment

Margaret Alice 07 September 2008

Om te wens is die manier waarop ons die lewe geniet, terwyl ons wens geniet ons die vooruitsig, dan bereik ons die vervulling van ons wens, staan op 'n nuwe plek, en ontwerp 'n nuwe droom - daar is NOOIT 'n einde aan drome nie, en die droom self is deel vna die werklikheid - so geniet die aktiwiteit vna wens en droom net soveel as die realiteit - dit alles vorm een ononderbroke geheel! Liefdegroete, Marilese.

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