Michael Philips

Michael Philips Poems

1. Mid-Air Mattress 2/3/2006
2. Song Of Burma 4/11/2005
3. The Woman With The Woodpecker Laugh 5/19/2006
4. Photocopy Of Guernica 8/9/2006
5. Crossing State Lines 8/25/2006
6. A Proverb Of Evolution 9/25/2006
7. Directions For Navigating An Art Opening 7/6/2007
8. Melody The Comptroller 1/22/2008
9. The Oh So Pleasant Dick From The Neighborhood Association 8/12/2008
10. So Very Sorry For The Family 12/3/2008
11. How To Create The Perfect Poem 3/17/2008
12. My Munch’s Scream Experience 10/10/2006
13. Forgetting About John Fahey 4/10/2006
14. Yakinohara Marriage 7/13/2005
15. Not Guilty 1/22/2005
16. Reversal 4/8/2005
17. Adios Suburbs, Hola Suburbs 7/6/2007
18. Car Wreck On The Old Coast Road 10/11/2006
19. Paul Klee Drops By 3/7/2005
20. Song Of The Peeping Tom 1/12/2005
21. Prank 1/6/2005
22. Quitting 3/4/2005
23. Bee Sting 3/20/2005
24. Julie’s Excommunication 3/1/2005
25. Eulogy Instructions 8/11/2005
26. The Idiot's Funeral 8/17/2005
27. Prepare For Landing 6/30/2005
28. Evolutionary Chart 7/14/2005
29. Long Term Care 8/22/2006
30. Conquistadors 3/28/2006
31. Don’t Be Cruel 12/10/2005
32. The Absence Of Black 4/20/2005
33. I’ll Still Be Dead 8/9/2005
34. Instructions For Cheerleaders 10/3/2005
35. Confession To Frank Zappa 5/9/2005
36. Shostakovich In Nebraska 9/13/2005
37. City Planning 2/22/2005
38. Tango Stupido 4/12/2006
39. Rebirth 5/23/2005
40. Center Of The Story 5/31/2005

Comments about Michael Philips

  • Mare Dylan (3/18/2012 7:04:00 PM)

    Wonderful stuff, keep writing.

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  • Lori Boulard (11/26/2006 9:15:00 PM)

    I could leave a comment on every one of your poems, Michael, I like them that much, but I'll spare the space and say so here. Your writing is original, tight, and just funny enough to remind me that poetry doesn't have to be dry and 'proper' to be good. Keep it up, my friend. Cheers, Lori

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  • Max Reif (12/24/2005 5:52:00 PM)

    I tell you, Michael, I've enjoyed quite a few of your poems-'Route 66' is still my favorite-but just now, clicking through your pages to find your new one, I had more fun with your TITLES than most poems! I'll have to come back and read 'Song of the Peeping Tom', 'Song of the Porn Webmaster', 'Song of the Tabloid Hack', and all the rest.

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  • ... ... (12/21/2005 1:12:00 PM)

    Rebirth, I'll Still Be Dead, Getting it Wrong, Cowboys...just some of the poems I've really enjoyed, not least for the playful tones and clever touches in the work...they are humorous, and, in essence i feel, life-affirming, in their own peculiar optimistic and individual way. But possibly the most entertaining thing is your refusal to resort to stock emotional responses.

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  • Michael Gessner (4/23/2005 2:03:00 PM)

    Just beginning to look at your titles, 'Dartmouth Alumni Survey, ' 'Melody The Comptroller, ' 'My New Screenplay, ' et. al. & find them strikingly original, resonant-with humor that doubles as entertainment & the Cosmic Laughter of The Profound-as tho' I've stumble thought the door to a Gallery of Undiscovered Things-

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  • Lare Austin (1/23/2005 11:49:00 AM)

    Hi Michael...I just read your poem, 'Naming The Boat'. Very well written story...like a good book...I couldn't put it down. Thank you for sharing...and perhaps you might think of putting together a book of poetry. It would do well...

    Lare Austin

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Best Poem of Michael Philips

Golf Pro

There are two types of people:
Those who play golf,
And those who recognize it
for the idiotic malpractice that it is,
that recognize it for the land wasting,
water guzzling, pesticide and herbicide
carcinogen drenched
leeching into the groundwater,
sanitized version of nature,
Bob Hope celebrity goofball,
mundane polo shirt and jackass slacks,
elitist, history of bigotry, racism, sexism,
and anti-Semitism, over-priced, over-rated,
time-wasting, posing-as-a-sport
moronic indulgence that it is.
I’m the first type.

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The Peace Train

You can’t rely on the peace train,
always jumping the tracks
or taking the wrong one
stopping at the wrong stations
and bypassing the right ones
always arriving late or not at all.

Well, enough of that banal analogy.
Even Cat Stevens is off that jag now,

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