Bad Art Poem by Michael Philips

Bad Art

Rating: 3.8

I set off a stink bomb
At the art opening of bad art.
It was funny how everyone started
Looking around as if they
Would somehow be able to see the smell.
People began fanning their faces
With their programs and an Asian
Woman actually held her nose.
When they discovered I was the culprit
They roughly escorted me out
Of the gallery and the owner told me what I
Did was adolescent and stupid.
I said the smell was only bad
In his subjective mind – who’s to say what’s
A good smell and what’s a bad smell? But
He had already gone
Back inside to help air out the
Gallery, which was my intention all along.

Matt Johnston 15 April 2008

I didn’t think I would like this poem… until the very last line.

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Hardik Vaidya 18 March 2013

Michael Philips creative and original.

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Anna Russell 08 August 2006

Oh yes, I like the way your mind works! Hugs Anna xxx

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Lyn Paul 18 March 2013

Pooh! you should have got some photos of the faces for the gallery.

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Brian Purdy 18 March 2012

I like this quite a lot, Michael. Puncturing the illusions of aesthetes is sorta fun, eh? You even had a 'real world' motive behind your guerrilla action. The poem shows that you have an admirably light touch with humor, is well controlled and literate - all excellent qualities. Please visit my page when you have time; would like to have your comments. - Bep.

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Amitava Sur 18 March 2015

A hilarious write with a serious hinting.... well written

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Guy Lip-more 23 March 2014

Quirky, loved the humour, good write.

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Edwin Paciga 19 March 2014

The last line is genius: very well done. Hilarious!

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Karen Sinclair 18 March 2014

Hahaha! Loved this... You speak as so many feel but with a great angle.. wondering if it was the Tate modern? As banksy stencilled on the steps outside (mind the crap) . Not all is. But to a layman such as I much is more about who you know than what you achieve. (To me) Saved this as it gave me such funny visions. Love the art warriors mind. Tyvm.

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Rains Of Bloom 18 March 2013

i think this is better as a writing that is not poetry. poetry is suposed 2 b symestrical, graceful and beautiful. nice story but not 4 poetry.

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