Cowboys Poem by Michael Philips


Rating: 3.4

I want someone to invent
a coffee table book that
rapidly deteriorates and
transforms itself into something else,
so that the owner of
the $85 book on America’s Cowboys –
with silver gelatin prints of classically
rugged white guys in impractical-yet-hopelessly
traditional cowboy hats – will awaken one morning to
find the book transformed into
an authentic pile of horseshit sitting
on his artsy coffee table, with the track lights
repositioned to illuminate the
pile like it’s the star of the rodeo

Michael Shepherd 25 June 2008

I'm having myself a great time re-reading your poems, Michael - I've just posted your 'Route 66 for President' to the website I'm currently moderating...

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Scarlett Treat 26 October 2007

Well, it has been over a year since I read this-and I still think it is hysterically funny....what a concept...

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Scarlett Treat 30 June 2006

It is the 'star' of the rodeo - because everyone looks for it...if you don't, first thing you know, you're knee deep in - - - it! ! !

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Chris Ehlers 09 September 2005

I come from home of the cowboys... rural Nebraska... they are all around, and I still found this greatly amusing... kudos for this one!

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Raynette Eitel 23 May 2005

I come from a long line of real cowboys...not the weekend version. My pictures are in a photo album, or hanging in the recesses of realitives houses, but I still enjoy a coffee table book of cowboys doing their thing. Your prejudice is showing, Michael! Good poem, sad attitude! ! ! Raynette

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