Aunt Rita Poem by Michael Philips

Aunt Rita

Rating: 4.2

She made a scene at the wedding
Wearing a black leather miniskirt
Upstaging the livid bride
My kids thought she was exciting and cool
She’d been to Africa and Peru
When I stalled on a San Francisco hill
And cars behind began honking
She stood up through the sunroof
And launched a barrage of obscenities at them
Red flushed with fury
Then laughing thoroughly when she slid back down
Not bothering to brush back
The dirty-blonde strands in her face
Looking triumphantly to me
But not for approval

Tailor Bell 09 September 2006

thoroughly enjoyable work. -Tailor B.

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relatives like Aunt Rita were always my favourites. they had a confidence and wild streak nobody else in my family seemed to possess. great poem, Michael! Jake

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Gershon Hepner 27 July 2005

I'd love to meet your Aunt Rita. Extremely witty poem! Gershon

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Carol Shaw 15 February 2005

Michael, I love this poem. We all know these people, love them even. A friend once told me everyone has at least one redeeming quality. However sometimes we have to dig for it.

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Christine Magee 14 February 2005

Excellent! I enjoyed this. Chrissie

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