No More Communists To Kick Around Anymore Poem by Michael Philips

No More Communists To Kick Around Anymore

Rating: 3.7

Those old communists – the ones in the
triumphant revolutionary posters with
broad shoulders and eyes on the horizon
where the sun is rising on a better world,
Those old communists – the ones rolling
across the landscape in full revolutionary zeal
with bayonets and bullets and little red books,
Those old communists with thick glasses
and shifty eyes and fingers on the button, those
vodka-swilling gulag-operating identity-erasing
Sputnik-launching shoe-pounding
refusenik-persecuting Hollywood-infiltrating
Boris Badenoff-accented black hats,
who turned grown western men with microphones
into yammering finger-pointing cartoons
with word bubbles about standing tall,
walking tall, riding tall for our Way-Of-Life,
I miss them so.

Sitting on the sofa in our wood-paneled den in the dark
with the blue television glow of The Munsters,
eating our TV dinners on fold-out trays,
we could point to them as a bona fide scourge and pin
all our troubles, all our short-circuited dreams on them.

At the end of the spy novel, the mortal enemy
boards a bus and vanishes, leaving behind a
cottage industry churning out Lenin pins and
fur hats with hammer & sickle logos for
tourists in Moscow, Bucharest, Sofia,
leaving us in the lurch.
Who can we blame now - terrorists?
We can only blame them for explosions.
We could blame the commies for noises in the
night, fluoride in the water, Catcher In the Rye.
God, I miss those Godless demons.

M S 18 October 2006

I'm one of those godless, Sputnik-launching shoe-pounding refusenik-persecuting demons... oh how I miss the persecution. This one is going into my faves. Great, great write, tovarisch! Masha

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Raynette Eitel 19 August 2005

This one goes in my favorites column. I want to shout hooray...not just because that brand of communists is gone, but because you used such an amazing collection of words to desribe them. Didn't you almost choke on your tongue? This is a wonderful satire of a frightening time for America then...and I wonder what you might right in about forty years about this time period of terrorists. Great job, Michael! Raynette

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