Cat Lover Poem by Michael Philips

Cat Lover

Rating: 4.6

The white one purred and was soft.
We gave it a name.
Got hit by a car.
We buried it in back.
The kids cried.

The gray one purred and was soft.
It meowed sometimes.
Disappeared one day.
We put up signs.
The kids cried.

The black one purrs and is soft.
It walks around the house.
I skimmed the morning paper
Then went to work.

Mary Nagy 23 November 2005

It almost seems like you're anticipating the end for the black one too..........this is why I like dogs it's much easier to 'keep' them. :) Nice poem Michael. Sincerely, Mary

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 23 November 2005

the subtle humour in this is priceless. this was a joy to read. Jake

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Uriah Hamilton 23 November 2005

I love cats! They seem like both spiritual and literary animals.

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kskdnj sajn 24 July 2006

Purrrty cute here. :) Your kitties' scratch the surfaces of thoughtful reflections. Enjoyed the multi-pac of diverse emotions in this read. :)

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Joy Vanderhelm 22 January 2006

Funny. That's a lot of what my cat does. Although, she walks arounds and meows instead of purring... loudly, very loudly.

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Keiah Delu 27 November 2005

I like the simplicity of this piece and your details were flawless.

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Marcy Jarvis 23 November 2005

yes, after 45 years of animals, this is just about the size of it.

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Joseph Daly 23 November 2005

That sums it up I reckon. We love our pets so much, but they can be replaced. Wonderfully set out Micheal.

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