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Out Of Reach

Rating: 5.0

Walked across a pretty flower, thought I'd hold it in my hand
So I knelt down as to grab it, but the flower turned to sand
Tried to carve it as a castle, walls and towers, gates and moat
But the tide washed it away, I had to chase it down by boat
So I dove below the tide, to the bottom of the sea
To restore my pretty castle, try to quell its tragedy
But the castle was no more, and in its place a wooden chest
So I swam back to shore, inside I found a golden nest
Filled with golden little eggs, and so I bought a golden cage
With a golden little perch, just like a golden birdy stage
Though the eggs they never hatched, no they burst into a flame
And although there were no ashes, all the smoke I did contain
In a sky light blue balloon, but I think I'll save my string
Can't try to tie the flower down. Balloon. Flower. Same thing

Monday, February 8, 2016
Flower Poems: 157 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: acceptance,change
Souren Mondal 09 February 2016

I really agree with Kelly Mike. Everyday I read almost 50 odd poems, comment and rate on at least a couple of dozens of them, but very few remain with me. Your poem will remain with me. The thought that you presented here and the manner in which you presented it shows the kind of a mature artist you are. I wish to read more from you mate. Cheers.. Respect and best wishes from a fellow poet/member.. Thank you for the poem.

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Mike Smith 10 February 2016

Thanks for the compliments and encouragement. I plan to become more active on this site and in my other writing and your feedback is greatly appreciated

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Mike Smith 10 February 2016

Thanks Souren. I hope to become more active on this site and in my other writing as well. Your compliments are encouraging and your feedback is greatly appreciated

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M Asim Nehal 28 October 2021

A wonderful poem with free flow of thoughts. I really enjoyed the theme and contents.

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Ayman Parray 27 September 2016

Mike, I don't think I have ever read a poem on acceptance and change like this one. As some who does not accept change easily this poem of yours is very comforting. Thank you.

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Mike Smith 11 December 2017

Ayman. The poem is one of acceptance yes, but moreso, one of resisting the inevitable. In the poem, the struggle is to create something beautiful out of a fleeting and unattainable desire. In the end, reluctance gives way to observance of an undeniable conclusion

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Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 06 August 2016

So poetic and so beautiful with sincere feelings.

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Douglas Scotney 26 May 2016

Lesson of Tantalus, Mike

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Bill Galvin 26 May 2016

Your material finally recognized... good stuff, Mike... congratulations.

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Mike Smith 26 May 2016

Thanks Bill. I'll have to catch up on your stuff, the nicer weather has carried me outdoors and offline so I haven't been nearly as active

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