Innocence Lost Poem by Mike Smith

Innocence Lost

Rating: 5.0

Child soldier with his gun
Blood stained fingers, half my size
Pulls the trigger
Thunder, smoke
The abductee must close his eyes

Two years ago his mom and dad
Had begged their son to shoot them
The rebels warned
If he did not
The boys life was condemned

Brainwashed, hardened, trained for battle
Kony had taught him well
They'd send him out
To villages
He'd burn them into hell

Boyhood flies away with bullets
War his greatest comfort
Slaughter void of
Fear or guilt
Severed limbs make red dirt

Thatch grass houses blazing
In the darkness of the night
Child soldier
With his torch
Grinning with delight

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: africa,transformation,war
A few notes,
This one was inspired by the LRA, a rebel militia who carry out acts of terror in Uganda, Sudan, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Their leader is Joseph Kony. Among other attrocities, this group is widely accused of kidnapping young boys from small villages and training them to use as soldiers. I'm far from current on my statistics on this (and the data available is likely inaccurate) but the last estimate I read some years ago put the number of abductions around 20,000. Virtually all of them were boys and girls between 5 and 14. The boys become soldiers or slaves, the girls are often sold into sexual slavery which funds LRA military operations
Bill Wright 28 August 2016

Mike, we live in dreadful times, everywhere you look. I was inspired to write one myself Called My Brother Ali based on the dirty faced little boy who had been bombed out of his home in Aleppo. His photo appeared on the front page of all the leading papers in the UK a few days ago.Good seems to be fighting bad on so many varied fronts these days I despair for the world my sons will grow old in.

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Norah Tunney 20 April 2016

A powerful and thought provoking poem And so terribly sad But I'm always glad to see poets speak out about this kind of tragedy Thank you Mike

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Norah Tunney 25 April 2016

Yes I agree with you totally mike. Your poetry helps open me up.thank you

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Mike Smith 25 April 2016

It's easy not to think about the terrible things... They're painful to think about. But it's important not too sweep such things under the rug, that's how they can be allowed to happen

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Juan Olivarez 26 February 2016

I guess I should say, its a great poem, but a terrible story.

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Mike Smith 26 February 2016

A terrible story indeed. But one that is grounded in true events. These are the horrors that our worlds least fortunate inhabitants endure. Thanks for reading

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Manonton Dalan 23 February 2016

all around the world they use children to do something deplorable even in western countries... one thing they're easily manipulated.

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Mike Smith 23 February 2016

Very true. They make easy targets for cruel minds. Thank you Manonton

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Yes, now a days, the youngester are turned to terrorism, Very sad

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Mike Smith 19 February 2016

Beyond sad. Deplorable

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