God Poems: 140 / 500

Physical Laws

Rating: 4.5

A man once told me 'Son, '
'Listen, God is God is God'
And in response I queried him
'So all of them are fraud? '
One God preaches eye for eye
And one promotes forgiveness
One says you can't drink the wine
The other finds delicious
A God for throwing lightning bolts
A God who helps us slaughter
A God protecting all the crops
A God for sons and daughters
A different God controls the wind
Than he who raised the Sun
And honestly you think
These many gods
Are wrapped in one
Varieties of deities
Not nearly in compliance
Maybe what you meant to say
Is 'God is God is Science'
For in that realm of study
We've found one uniting force
That binds us all together
Yet, religions won't endorse

Friday, February 19, 2016
God Poems: 140 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: god,science
Not that it really matters, but I wanted to make sure that all the 'Gods' I eluded to were actually (at least at one time) worshiped. This is not (by far) my strongest subject. Almost certainly I've gotten some wrong. So for those of you who are fact checkers, I apologize in advance. That said, the 'Gods' I refer to in this poem, from lines 5 through 14 respectively, are as follows:
Yahweh (Torah) ... God (Bible/New Testament) ... Allah (Koran) ... Dionysus (Greco-Roman God of wine and ecstasy) ...Zeus (king of Greek gods) ... Heremod (Nordic God of war) ... Ceres (Roman goddess of crops) ...Mylitta (Babyloniain goddess of fertility and child birth) ...Ehectal (Aztec God of wind) ... Ra (Egyptian God of sun)
Jayatissa K. Liyanage 19 February 2016

Very inspiring, thought provoking and challenging too! More than Enjoying the poem, I admire your wit. Thanks Mike, for sharing. x

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Bri Edwards 28 June 2017

Mike, i'm now putting your name and the link to this poem into my/our July 2017's 'a showcase by and for PH poets'. Thanks. bri :)

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Brian Mayo 03 March 2016

Your poem is terrific. Unforced rhymes, jaunty meter, clever wordplay, thought-proving subject, and creatively constructed. Thoroughly enjoyable.10

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Mike Smith 03 March 2016

Thanks Brian. It was a quick write. The (highly trivial and mostly unnecessary) note took far longer than the poem. Good to know that even a spontaneous string of words can be enjoyed.

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Manonton Dalan 23 February 2016

I was always told that if I committed sin I will be punish by God, so far only humans punish me.

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Mike Smith 24 February 2016

Matters of religion are things we all have to discover and decide on in our own personal ways. But I think most will agree, few sins go fully unpunished

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Souren Mondal 21 February 2016

Will the read God please stand up! ! So many Gods to look at there I felt a little dizzy almost.. I would indeed say Mike that by subject matter not your best.. I assume, from so far of what I had read of you, that you are far better dealing with more abstract subject matters than a more 'concrete' kind of one as this.. Yet, what you lack in that depertment you more than enough made it up through your language. I like the kind of internal rhythm that your poem has.. It sounds really nice to the ears.. A fine work Mike. I loved it.

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Mike Smith 21 February 2016

Thank you Souren. This one came as I was recalling a conversation from a few years back where a clergy member was trying to get me to see the light of God. I told him that I thought it somewhat juvenile to believe that, of the thousands of gods and holy figures man had imagined over the millennia, his alone was the true creator. We decided to agree to disagree

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Kelly Kurt 19 February 2016

I am saving this to my favorites file. We have the sciences that apply to us all (unlike religions that only apply to sections of the general population) and that should be a uniting force for all of humanity. To seek, to understand and to gain.

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Mike Smith 21 February 2016

I agree. If we could find a way to value reason over ancient superstition we would all be the beneficiaries

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