Wandering In The Dark Poem by Mike Smith

Wandering In The Dark

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I consider it likely against my best interests to wonder on
And often times I make a concerted effort to keep it far from the front of my mind
But none of us has much control over which way our minds might wander
And when the night is long
And my thoughts are left to converse amongst themselves
Recurrently you come to mind
And hold my attention hostage even from however far away
There are times when I'll resist it
Force you from my mind and make myself think of other things
Any arbitrary things to stop myself from wasting even one more fraction of a second in contemplation
But other times I'll let the memories and all the questions they bring with them run their course
There is joy in it
Remembrance of a treasured time
When there was good in all things
And all things were good
A time of laughter and freshness
Of beginnings and smiles
Of late nights
Long walks
Great talks
And happiness beyond measure
The time of fireflies
And shooting stars
The summer of dreams come true (or so it [then] seemed)
Yes it brings me great elation to revisit those times
But inevitably
What it leads to
Is the memories of the next chapter
In which the joy had vanished
And left in its void was a pathetic mixture of sorrow and pity
Of confusion and longing
Of failure without fault
And a convoluted muddling of the wishes for that which never truly was
And that which, now, almost certainly can not be
An intense bitterness that even in all its overpowering enormity
Can't drown out the sweet
How long will I be condemned to regret entirely what all happened
Yet revel in it all the more
To hold on to a fools hope that history could repeat
Only this time with a better understanding of the stakes
And, resultingly, a different outcome
Deep down I know it not to be possible
Such a thing happens not even once a blue moon
But rather an indigo sun
So rare that few of us have yet seen it once
And none twice
No, the past is in stone now
Cold, and without voice or life
And the future
Will bear no resemblance to that not so long ago time
When we walked between the trees in the dark
Guided only by distant astrological bodies
And you
Entirely unexpectedly
First grabbed my hand
And so doing
Sealed my fate

Monday, March 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: memories
Kelly Kurt 07 March 2016

You=She. A 'love', perhaps among the first. Stored and resurrected memories build upon themselves, manufacturing idyllic possibilities. Release is up to the one that will recall and is easier said than done. Nightfalls can perfume and fan the lingering scent.

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Mike Smith 08 March 2016

Accurate and insightful. Agree with all of it

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Bill Galvin 19 April 2016

How often the sensitive soul's fate is sealed by the gentle touch, a soft glance, or timely smile. Exquisite work.

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Leah Ayliffe 08 April 2016

Gorgeous poem. Memory is so powerful.

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Mike Smith 08 April 2016

Thank you Leah

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Cigeng Zhang 03 April 2016

Deep self thinking, a wonderful work. No, the past is in stone now Cold, and without voice or life And the future Undoubtedly Will bear no resemblance to that not so long ago time... I liked this part. The past turns into a stone with time passing by, but life is still a life. Live on.

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Mike Smith 04 April 2016

Thank you Cigeng. It seems that is the way of it. I appreciate your comment

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Tapan M. Saren 12 March 2016

A very good writing...

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Daniel Brick 09 March 2016

I love te passage at te end: We walked between the trees, , , Guided only by distant astrological bodies... and (your gesture) sealed my fate. We have two choices when a dream-love fails: belittle it, mock it, traduce te woman for infidelity to fate, you get te picture, OR we can enlarge te experience of near-love to epic, mythic proportions (witness: distant astrological bodies) and make what we experienced so B-I-G that its failure becomes just one element of this elemental drama. That second choice is te one you made and it shows you are worthy of te love you desired then, , , and now! !

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Mike Smith 10 March 2016

Yes it seems those truly are the choices. I'd never considered it that way, but it makes perfect sense. And I could cite a dozen examples from people in my life that have chosen one or the other at a given time. Your insight, your comment, and your compliment are much appreciated. Thanks

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