We Are Me

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In the back of the mind
In the front of the thoughts
He is there; Always
To some degree
At times speaking louder than others
Sometimes not seeming to speak at all
Just observing, taking it in, gathering himself
Waiting for a time to voice his calculated opinions
And this voice, this conscience
This other me
He can be persuaded
He can be reasoned with
Talked into compromising
Or otherwise negotiating his own terms
But he can never be lied to
Can't ever be deceived
Not effectively at least
Not fully
Tricked perhaps, but only briefly
He knows
He draws the connections
Perceives the angles at play
He concludes the motives with pinpoint accuracy
And eventually, he sees through the fallacies
He can be distracted away from
Or shoved to the back of the mind again
But never muted
Never silenced
Never forgotten
He is always there
He is ever present
He is inescapable
And the two of us
My voice and myself
We are one
Yet somehow, We are plural
And only together
Only in agreement
Are we truly Me

Friday, February 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: identity
Kelly Kurt 12 February 2016

We are amused by the both of you and your poetic offering. Your subliminal doppelganger is a worthy sparring partner, and debate with it is a pragmatic and useful tool. It knows you better than you know yourselves.: -)

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Mike Smith 12 February 2016

Well we thank you sincerely Kelly. Both of us

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Mike Smith 12 February 2016

We thank you sincerely Kelly. The both of us

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anonymous still 17 May 2016

A very creative piece of work...lovely poem...very relatable

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anonymous still 17 May 2016

A very creative piece of work...a lovely poem..very relatable

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Cotter Li 02 May 2016

It is a poetic demonstration of psychology.

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Norah Tunney 04 April 2016

I can see you are having fun with this play Yes there is a that intuitive flow within us that is ever present It like our true nature ever present and always there in the background and the voice we are always identifying and getting swept away with But who we are never changes Wonderful poem, deeply thoughtful and entertaining Thank you Mike. Full marks

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Mike Smith 04 April 2016

This poem arose in me long ago, but only recently did I try to pen it out. I find in my minds conversations I often refer to myself as we. Somehow there is plurality. This was my shot at adressibg the hidden voice, and giving him the credit he is due

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Daniel Brick 10 March 2016

You identified the topic as IDENTITY which dovetails with a poem I wrote The Other Daniel. It's some kind of peak experience to find your poem. Here we stand, two different individuals, but unified in our concern for the puzzle of self-identity. And the puzzle gets bigger with each of our poems. I'm sure your experience put you in a similar mind-frame: the closer you try to get to that other self, the more he recedes. But now the gap between the two of you is a space you created as a creative writer. You have successfully colonized part of your inner self. I feel I have too. What I like about your poem is the TENACIOUS HOLD of the speaker on his other self. That other self slips free eventually - but speaker deserves all credit for holding on as long as he does. Your poem reminds me of Jacob wrestling with the Angel all night: Jacob says, I will not release you until you bless me! Those are the stakes we accept. Good Luck on your next match!

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Mike Smith 04 April 2016

It is often a struggle between the two of us. Mostly, the more I hear him out, the better off I end up in my decisions. We are growing together, hopefully he is teaching me to grow more like him

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