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She only knew her pain
Love was what she couldnt gain
She wasnt that insane
But all her tears were wasted in vain

Thinking of your face
Searching for a trace
Waiting.. To be with you
All I see is darkness

She's given it full thought
Her tears, the only things she's fought
Here comes another year of what she fears
'Happy New Year'.. that's what she hears

Make it ease
Make everything freeze..
Wanting another chance..
For A night of romance..

A tear slid on her cheek
She knew she was too weak
Too weak to rest her thoughts
Her thoughts were what she fought..

How she thought this world is empty
How she thought everything is full of insanity
Her mind is her enemy
Her heart was her assassin

Fake, dull, grey eyes
They simply couldnt read
She counted every tear she cries
Sick of all the misleads

You gave it all up
When I never expected so much
But Dont you remember our hands first touch?
Im Still getting butterflies

It's the reason for her tumultuous breathing
Yes, it was her usual weeping..
It's their lying words in her head
Yes, it's the rage she's been fed..

Dark shadows surround her soul
She's taking the fall..
Her life flashes before her eyes..
How pretty were these days..

Why hasn't anything been so right before?
It's all a big bore
The world is being sore
She thought it's been terrifing

My blood is running cold
I know you have been told
But i'm not surprised that you dont care
But just know you're someone i dont bear

Where has my soul gone
No..I dont know if my life's done..
I dont know where i belong
The Path of darkness just seems so long..

Why are you this way?
Life..No it's not only your game to play
It's everyone elses too
It's where everyone had grew

You hold my hand
While we're walking on the sand
You say we'll be Best friends forever
And no one will tear us apart, Never!

I look at her, she's in another bed, next to me
She's drowning in her deep sleeps
If she was already dreaming, why couldnt I dream too?
She turns and flips, as she breathes

You're killing yourself slowly
Please dont go..You're my only..
Dont breathe it in
No dont take a sip..

She thinks she's alone
She just feels all on her own
She could only feel the pain..
And her horrid shame..

Im Afraid..To let you see..
How without you, My life would be..
But I dont care
Anything i have, id always share

Im Not Even weeping
I only Watch You feed
On My pain.
Im Not Even bleeding

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It'Ll Be Over

She only knew her pain
Love was what she couldnt gain
She wasnt that insane
But all her tears were wasted in vain
Wishing she would disappear
Life wasnt to her, sincere

Was it all worth living?
Nothing was perfect..

She laments her lullaby..
'Let it be over
Let me die
Let me be free
Let me be happy
Let me live
Live in death
Forget my past
So Leave me now
Let me die'
While She starts to cry
Life is a lie
Everything will be alright
Right from the first sight
She just hoped..

Something must be hidden
Maybe fate wanted her to end this way
Shot with loneliness that felt like a lightening ray
Needed to end her life
Without feeling its guilt
She wanted to feel free
And become the person she wanted to be

It'll all be over
Before she even feels it..

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