A Gift From God

Rating: 2.5

if i had to say how i feel,
i can't really say,
you were my mother,
a gift from god,
that i couldn't keep,
not a day go by,
that i wish you were by my side,
days are getting harder,
living a life without you is rough,
i would give anything to have you back,
there are times i think how i can be with you,
but, than i miss people here,
things push me to end my life,
but, i hang on,
because along the way,
there have to be something better,
i had dreams of becoming something,
i had your support before you left,
which makes the easy way out,
seem not as easy as i though,
because of you,
i can be the person i was ment to be,
you still believing in me,
like you always have,
now it up to me to believe i can,
it's my life,
without you,
i wouldn't of been this strong,
i got a gift for you,
i love you, and there's always
a place in my heart for you.
Copyright © 2009

Meggie Gultiano 01 May 2009

a nice write. The last lines says it all

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Lucas Akkadian 02 April 2009

While you've made just a few grammar mistakes, this is an enjoyable read. It seems to be written from the heart, and I don't think that one can go wrong in doing this. kudos.

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