Mona Palacios Poems

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When I Miss You

When I miss you

When I miss you

The Beat Of My Heart The Strength Of My Love

The beat of my heart the strength of my love

Letting Go

When you think of letting go you think of loss

This is not always the case

As I Wait

The Waiting, is so unbearable

As I wait for an explanation
Tears fall gently down my cheek

Sometimes I Wonder

When you look at her
Dose your heart even remember me

When you hold her tight and taste her lips

Did I Ever Tell You

Did I ever tell you that you made my heart soar?
Did I ever whisper in your ear how much I love you?

Did my eyes ever meet yours and you just knew

When Darkness Falls

When the light of the day has been extinguished,

Would You Have Any Regrets

Would you have any Regrets

Do you ever think of our times?
Do you ever wonder what would be?