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Theres a girl
Out there

Why do they dislike me
Did I do something wrong
I try to be nice
I only want friends

A cage
Surrounded by flames
Only pain
Shadows surround

Friendship isnt real
It is nothing more than a barter
A trade agreement
If someone was emotionless

People everywhere live with regrets
Wishing they could take something back or change a decision
The issue being regret exists because what we did is in the past
Once an act is committed whether you fix it or not

Something I used to love
Has been corrupted by my own touch
Without the release im broken
Running on empty

Let us take over
Fighting is a waste of time
It only zaps your strength
So why continue

Im a dreamer
Who sees the world differently
Unique individuality
These phrases I desire to define me


I feel ignored
Out of place
Like I no longer belong
They once cared

The voices have control
Behind the curtain
They run the show
Who dictate everything

Im a failure
That much I leave clear to see
Im not sure if they notice
Some seem to think I actually know what im doing

Theres the black
Then the white
And finaly the color in between
The one that you never think matters

He remembers only stone and barren walls
Bones cracking and crumbling to dust
No other human voices echo within the hallow halls
Dust coats his lungs with every breath

I am desperate for motivation
A kick so that I can stop being bored
I want to find my equal
A player of this game that knows it as well as I do

She says shes a poet
A weaver of words
Regardless, the tales she spins hold no allure
Years haven't managed to turn her into an author

If this glass was not between us
Then my dear we could touch
But the doctors have warned me of the consequences of this wish
They shattered my spirit with their heart breaking news

My people are my life blood
Their comments are my heart
Without readers, I would fall prey to self hate
Thank you all

I did something years ago that only the sinful could understand
A crime so disgusting that God himself refuses to save my soul
No matter how many times I sob my apologies
Forgiveness is held from me

Queen Lydia was silent
Her eyes grazed the burning fields bellow her
This hell she called her kingdom
Filled with the screams of sinners

I have no idea what I should do
People tell me it wont matter 10 years from now
That doesnt help
Nor does it change anything currently

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Im going to be a junior in high school next year and Im So excited! Everyone please wish me a luck because I don't know if I'll survive the whole year.)

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Theres a girl
Out there
Far from your assistance
She doesnt know where to go
What road to follow
Or how to make a choice
This girl has been abandoned
So now she doesnt know who to trust
Painfully aware of the people surrounding her
All of them predators with one single prey
Just try to be compassionate
There's a wandering girl that starves for it
Show her love
Anything that could even reignite her hope
Your lives are going on around you
Dont you have a minute to spare for some orphaned girl
That has never known your passion

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If you suddenly stop in life you effect others around you starting a path of decline. In life you cant give up you keep going.

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul but the true window is the heart.

There are those who think the world revolves around them, but in reality it belongs to those no one notices.

Cherish those who seek the truth, but be wary of those who find it.

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Naomi Waters Popularity

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