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Got It All Wrong

Thought your game is what got me,
When really it was just curiosity.
Thought you could play me like I was dumb,
But the truth shocked you so bad, it made you numb.

Poor Mrs. Duwhite

My heart goes out to poor Mrs. Duwhite;
A single mother in disguise because of her husband's vice.
He hangs out all day just drinking and playing dice,
And then comes home expecting his chicken and rice.


I am standing here,
But you don't see me.
Although I wave my hands high over my head,
And attempt to yell over rambunctious passing trains of dread.


Running in all directions
I don't know who to trust
Trust me when I tell you that this world is unjust.
So what can i do?

Not Here

Love right now for me is nonexistential
Well, being in love, that is...
Love right now for me has no credentials
No evidence of exuberance

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