Jack Aryan Poems

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Broken Mirrors

You were in my sight again today, i tried.
I shed tear, you looked clear,
You sang, i drank.
I burned another smoke and cried;


Years and years here;
We talk with gazes dear,
With this loving hearts;
We will meet in dreams dont fear;

Layla And The Paradise Pt.1

I saw your face on the moonlight night,
God was there too, with all of his might!
You weren't on my sight, even though i cried;
After that i realised, the tavernmaster was right.

Open And Enter My Life

We met on a summer day,
Day after day our bond grew;
We were what friendship was they say,

Goodbye Leila

Without loving you or caressing your hair;
Without achieving happiness i still bear,
If i pass away without seeing you in here…
Dont pray, stay next to me dear;

Woozy Drunkard

Lovers dont have logic, wont be logical
With a single sin i cant be diabolical
I am a lover with love more than a love
I dont have a home to go except you

A Wrathed Poet

Months and months since i had written anything,
But dont think that i dont have a shattering lightning!
For a long time i was silent, i wasnt talking!
It gushed, i bursted up!

Song Of Wishes

Maybe you'll always sing this song,
Your heart wont, even if your tongue longs,
My only wish is your happiness.
It wont matter even if you don't...

How Will My Life End?

People looking from away thinks im happy,
They dont know i am the one with eyes bloody,
They dont know the pain the sorrow flooded
My life turned into nights too foggy…

Who Was I?

What were i? a pure fellow?
Maybe a spring of a meadow?

My biggest delight, my hapiness;

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