Gold Star - 34,537 Points [NHIEN NGUYEN MD]


201. MùA Thu ĐàN NgỗNg Xuôi Nam 11/7/2015
202. Em NằM Em Ngủ Dễ Thương 8/8/2015
203. NhìN Tôi Trong Gương 5/30/2015
204. Tôi LàM NgàY Lễ Tạ Ơn 11/28/13 5/30/2015
205. PhấN Thông VàNg 5/25/2015
206. Nhà Tôi Có TáO, Lê TầU 5/25/2015
207. Cò Xanh Trên ĐỉNh Gazebo 5/27/2015
208. LờI NguyệN ĐầU NgàY 5/10/2015
209. MùA Xuân Ru VõNg Bên Hồ Cá Koi 5/15/2015
210. LạI TuyếT NữA 2 5/30/2015
211. LạI TuyếT NữA 5/30/2015
212. 10th Wedding Anniversary Of Julie And John 6/7/2015
213. Begging For Life From The Womb Of A Pregnant Mother On An Abortion Table 2/20/2016
214. Đêm Nay Thiên ChúA GiáNg TrầN 12/27/2015
215. Happy Crows Caw The News Of Christmas 12/27/2015
216. Tôi Bị CúM 12/27/2015
217. My Love Rides On The Winds To Caress Your Long Hairs, My Dear. 2/28/2016
218. NgàY Kỷ NiệM 43 Năm ThàNh Hôn 1/9/2016
219. NhữNg Lá MùA Thu CuốI CùNg 12/26/2015
220. Five Kittens Already Woke Up 3/5/2016
221. On My Way To New York City 3/2/2016
222. Christmas 2015 With Grand Daughters At Annville Paradise 2/23/2016
223. Sleepy Moon 2/23/2016
224. Five Kittens And Snowstorm Jonas 3/18/2016
225. A Woman Cried Unceasingly On Finding Her Father Dead. 3/19/2016
226. Pool Mirror After Halloween Day 3/8/2016
227. Thank God And Mankind 3/17/2016
228. My Silent Prayers 4/7/2016
229. Nhân NgàY Sinh NhậT MồNg Năm TháNg Tư 4/2/2016
230. Sad Egret Because Of An Aborted Meal 4/3/2016
231. Evelyn, Estella, Eliana Nghỉ Hè MùA Xuân 2016 4/3/2016
232. Funeral Van Without His Coffin 3/21/2016
233. What Are You Dreaming Of While Basking In The Sun, Felines? 4/9/2016
234. This Saturday Is The First Day Of Spring 3/23/2016
235. Philadelphia Is Beautiful Under March Sky 3/25/2016
236. GiọT Lệ ̣(Haiku) 4/18/2016
237. Love (Haiku) 4/18/2016
238. You Look So Lovely In Your Sleep 4/18/2016
239. Zebra And Monkey Play Wrestling 4/11/2016
240. Công Ơn Cha Mẹ Như NúI, ĐạI Dương 5/12/2016

Comments about NHIEN NGUYEN MD

  • Nhien Nguyen (5/27/2017 3:56:00 PM)

    Thank you for reading my poems. Your introduction to my poems, has brightened my poetic journey. Insightful comment! Thank you. Nhien

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  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (5/27/2017 12:19:00 PM)

    It is a pleasure to be introduced to the poetry of Nhien Nguyen MD. I have read some of his poems and have been deeply impressed by his style and scope. Thanks.

  • Nhien Nguyen (10/30/2015 8:33:00 PM)

    Thank you for reading this poem. I pray that Philhaven is a shining beacon of hope and God's Grace overflows
    any soul who seeks His Blessings.

  • Tammy Mccarty (10/30/2015 7:20:00 AM)

    Thanks for sharing your poem Philhaven Hill. Philhaven is a special place to find healing from the hurts of this world. May God richly bless your work with so many wounded, hurting people!


Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

This poem is dedicated to many thousands of boat people
Who perished by the sea
As soon as I woke up this morning
I felt overwhelmed by memories of long ago past.
Many years of war tore my country apart
Million people left their relatives and their country Vietnam.

After losing the war, many people escaped for their lives
With their possessions in their handbags or knapsacks.
They left everything behind hoping to be alive
They were willing to sacrifice for their future lives.

They left their homes when it rained or ...

Read the full of Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later

Four Life Long Friends


Today, our friends paid a visit to our home
First to have a good chat and then, to harvest Asian pears.
This place is our Annville Paradise
We talked, we laughed, we ate and drank to our satisfaction.
Very soon, Summer is going to fold its dress
And within a week, Autumn will be at our front door steps.
Setting a date for our rendez-vous

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