Nic Custer

Rookie (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)

Nic Custer Poems

1. Childhood 11/25/2007
2. Spitting A Deluge 11/25/2007
3. Broke 11/25/2007
4. Break Trust In Case Of Commitment 11/25/2007
5. Earth Bound Love Poem 11/25/2007
6. The Hunt 11/25/2007
7. Piano Key Rib Cage 11/25/2007
8. Hungry Streets And House Arrested Development 11/25/2007
9. Your Vinyl Tounge 4/8/2008
10. Lumbering Aspirations And Steel-Driven Dreams 4/8/2008
11. A Introduction: 4/8/2008
12. Withdrawing From Sleep 3/30/2008
13. Happiness Is A Warm Spoon 3/30/2008
14. Radio Edit 4/9/2008
15. Dualing Astrology 4/11/2008
16. All Writers Are Haunted 4/8/2008
17. Shotgun Mouthwash 4/9/2008
18. A Lie 11/25/2007

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Best Poem of Nic Custer

A Lie

It seems I've been lying.
I didn't grow up on the streets.
I didn't struggle with the choice
of a gun in my hand or a bullet in my chest.
I have never shot heroin
into collapsed veins in my neck
and never sold my soul for coke.
I wasn't born with a silver spoon
but it wasn't wooden either.
Closer to lead really,
just right for poisoning the spirit.
I have never been homeless by necessity,
although by choice is another issue.
I have never been incarcerated, unless
you count the lockdown in my mind.
I have never slit my wrists because
mommy and ...

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Earth Bound Love Poem

Cumulo nimbus bangs
and storm clouds curling
long and dark.

That try to hide the sun bursts of your smile,
blinding with enamal rays
and beaming warm light towards
my black holed surface.
With a pull rivialing gravitational,

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