Nichole Hoehn

Rookie (She was born dead... / A Hospital)

Nichole Hoehn Poems

1. To You I Doubted 12/3/2005
2. Accept Me... 12/3/2005
3. Love... 12/3/2005
4. Heartbeat Of The Shallow 12/10/2005
5. Seize The Pain 12/3/2005
6. Hearts Passive 12/3/2005
7. Abusive 12/3/2005
8. Save Me 12/3/2005
9. Experence 12/3/2005
10. Hide And Seek 12/12/2005
11. Hold On 12/12/2005
12. Stronger 12/12/2005
13. The Keep 12/12/2005
14. Real 12/12/2005
15. Zombie 12/17/2005
16. Outside And In 3/28/2006
17. If I Hear You 3/28/2006
18. Cut Me 3/28/2006
19. Dimness Gravetime 12/3/2005
20. Words Left Unspoken 1/12/2006
21. No Longer You, No Longer Me, No Longer Us, Are Meant To Be.. 3/28/2006
22. Rape Me 12/30/2005

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Best Poem of Nichole Hoehn

Rape Me

Look into my eyes
Show me what they hide
What emotion is displayed
When I want and feel this way
You read into me
As if I were open to you
So tell me what to do
Should I run away from this?
Should I lean into a kiss?
Should I leave?
Or be happy?
The decisions over power me
So much I cannot breathe
You dig inside my heart
Releasing my thoughts as if it were a type of art
If I could even say
This is rape
You steal my soul
Without supervision
But hey it’s me
So do what you please…

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I’ve always wondered if love was truly real
Or is it a relief, a medication to heal
I used to think I was in love
But I must be wrong
Cause all you did was shoot me down

Send me to therapy
Show me what to do
Please help me god

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