Mortgaged Poem by Nikunj Sharma


Rating: 4.6

buying dreams was easy for me too
Just signed up a loan
; leveraged and bought all;
Cheap money could buy..

Sold out to a pin striped suit,
gullible as an innocent child,
dreaming a candy rainbow.
A little more every month
could buy a bigger house,
bigger car and everything,
cheap money could buy.

Magic wand of money,
spinned everything
rosy and cozy,
hopes and dreams being lien marked,
human mind oblivious of gravity,
newtons' law forgotten. Around me
Everything cheap money could buy.

Larger than life EMIs,
constant in a variable world,
haunt like a stalker through days and nights.
Depleting bank balance,
creeping worries,
came free with everything,
cheap money could buy.

Raj Nandy 02 September 2009

You have highligted a current and interesting topic! The Americans with their hi-fi living style were actually running into debts! I only hope that we do not follow the American model! I had been very hesitant and therefore avoided taking loans! But as the old saying goes, no risk, no gain! I also recall Marlow's 'Dr Faustus' where the Doctor mortgaged his soul to the Devil in exchange for all the pleasures of this world! Very interesting to read! 10! - Raj

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Bhaswat Chakraborty 02 September 2009

The style is very good of course...but it is the portrayal of subliminal pathos of the conditioned life, that has been developed very well.

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Lalitha iyer 01 September 2009

You have mortgaged poetic beauty for the sake of mortgage........................It is only a joke...........take it easy...............nice thinking.........

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Catrina Heart 31 August 2009

Mortgaged puts people on the bay when nothing to pay......A part of life in order to survive............10+++++++

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Sandra Martyres 29 August 2009

Poor 'pin stripe' suited guys..they come in for all the criticism - no one thanked them during the good days! ! ! LOL good write....

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Val Morehouse 13 September 2009

So sad, but so many people caught in this spider's web. A world of suffering, and worse still, the perpetuators of the scheme have walked away with millions instead of jail time. I haven't been into a store in months...just trying to get through the month (and I have a set rate mortgage) . Everyone around me is either losing their house, or losing their job. That's why I wrote my poem Mortgaged. You and I are definitely exploring the same economic territory. Val

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Rafique Farooqi 07 September 2009

very good poem to learn about gateways to economy in different fields of life..........

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Ravi Sathasivam 07 September 2009

Very good poem. Very much related to the present situation too. Well penned. Enjoyed reading it 10+

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Winnie Angel 06 September 2009

Quite today's world with banking ideas spreading fast...promises to fulfil our dreams bringing with it more than just our dreams! .... Winnie

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Marieta Maglas 02 September 2009

wonderful simile: ''Sold out to a pin striped suit, gullible as an innocent child, dreaming a candy rainbow'' wonderful poem, lovely to read...........10+++++++

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