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The heart is broken; it can never heal
never mend
the heart is broken; but I can not feel
my blood and tears start to blend

Have you ever held a blade?
Loved what you made?
I have to be honest, it wasn't everything;
it made my wrists sting;

Last tear tonight
rolls down my face as I fall asleep
it lands with a splat, as I turn out the light
I'm ready to start counting sheep

He sat on his bed; thinking about you
how you looked that night when you said goodbye
he wished it over and over again that it was untrue
picking up his razor; he cuts and quietly he'll cry

Only I can make the water flow; the leaves fall
listening to the wind blow; building up that brick wall
I'm the one everyone will remember; I can change
I can make something famaliar turn to something strange

All she asks is to be somewhere where she belongs
but that's just a silly dream in her head
she knows what's right or wrong
but she's on a very thin thread

I look over my shoulder and see thousands of people behind
I wonder if I just disappear, would any of them mind?
The path is clear, but with no end
and I'm alone, without a friend

Life is learned by doing our mistakes over and over again
that's why we always say 'do you remember when...'
we love the past; it's the only thing we truly know
we dream of it; as we fall asleep on our pillow

I went into the church and started to pray
only because I thought today was the day
God told me to come; to say my sorry's
but I knew there was no more worries

What is wrong with people these days?

Like why can't they watch what they have to say?

Breaking on the cold, hard ground;
breaking with no pieces left to be found;
if I could say something before I jump off this bridge;
who do I blame for all of this damage?

You can take everything that I own
everything that will make you complete
you can take everything making sure I feel so alone
don't worry, I could forgive and delete

I go on the bus feeling sick to my stomach;
man I need some luck;
can't even stand to look at the strangers around;
all I want to do is sit on the ground;

Living in the moment is different then living in the past;
every time you blink you grow old;
every time you blink it goes fast;
so you're told;

I heard your name and remembered your face;
I remember never wanting to leave this place;
your arms, safe and strong;
and when you tested your strength on me, I didn't know it was wrong;

I made a promise, to a good friend of mine;
the promise is to not add another line;
I swore to her that I wouldn't anymore;
even if I fell to the floor;

Every night I say goodnight;
feeling all happy and alright;
does that mean, when I say hi;
there will always be a goodbye?


Look at these words, feel the feelings I try to say;
look at me a different way;
I'm not longer alone in a world where people won't understand;
now I'm in a place where people lend a hand;

I know I'm the reason why you're sad;
the reason why you're mad;
I hate myself for making your day harder;
if I weren't here it probably would be better;


Back, back, back;
take me back to the start;
before the attack;
where I have love in my heart;

Nom Nom Nom Biography

I'm a sixteen year old girl who was born in a life full of diappointments. I've tried everything to go on, and still will discover new things. One thing I learned my whole life is that there is such a thing as a beautiful lie and a promise can be broken; just like glass.)

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The heart is broken; it can never heal
never mend
the heart is broken; but I can not feel
my blood and tears start to blend

Stitches will hold it together; and I'll be able to go on
I will struggle to breathe cause my lungs are filled
my happiness gone
but who cares? I'm already killed

Replaying all the times I've said goodbye
wiping away all my tears
goodbye; I whisper as I break down and cry
screaming to scare away my fears

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