Om Chawla Poems

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Birds Nest

Often have we seen a bird
flying far, again and again
collecting straws to weave a nest-
A shelter to lay eggs

Cry Of A Soul

In the dimly lit corridors of the hospital
lurked a malefic figure-
restless fidgety in the grip of passion.
Unmindful of the eerie environ

Beyond Thehorizon

Yonder in the West,
Just before it sets,
Sun lingers, as if to cast one last look
Over what it illumined through the day.

A Poor Man's Lot

There besides the trunk of a leafless tree
Lies a human figure in beastly nudity.
It's breathing yet; it's not dead
But no one bothers, for them it is dead

An Infant's Smile

Peaceful repose of tranquility,
mirroring blissful divinity.
Heartwarming look of an innocent face
endearing charming bewitching grace;

Betrayal - Of Faith Or Of Nature

Holy river and holier places
Centers of pilgrimages
Of devout devotees through the ages


Life after life soul transmigrates
Carrying the burden of its karmic traits
The way we live our next life shapes.

Shanty Dwellers

Behind the temple near railway track
A cluster of shanties with dwellers overpacked:
Ill clad, in tatters they shiver in winter
Famished faces, victims of hunger

Echo Of Adolescent Desires

A Dream.

In my sleep I heard you sing
Of your silent earnest longing
Reverberating through my dream
Summoning me to your embrace.

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