Cry Of A Soul Poem by Om Chawla

Cry Of A Soul

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In the dimly lit corridors of the hospital
lurked a malefic figure-
restless fidgety in the grip of passion.
Unmindful of the eerie environ
young nurse Aruna hastened to the quarters
to change into her uniform for the day
when suddenly from behind a shadowy corner
an evil force emerged and dragged her
to a lonely corner.

What passion it was, anger or lust,
who knows what,
that turned him into a beast.
Stifling her throat, lest she cry
he infringed her modesty.
With her senses numbed
she sank into oblivion.
Like a loath, she lies ever since
vegetative she has been since:
she- who chose
to nurse our wounds and soak our tears
with tender smile and hands of care.
Now like a loath there she lies.
She cannot stand or even stir
neither eat nor even drink,
speechlessly, in space she stares
it's all hollow, nothing is there.
' She is in coma' doctors announce.
' Alive, she is' judges pronounce.
But, let me ponder:
is she alive though not dead.
Benumbed, she is
her senses do not work.
But what of soul,
doesn't it suffer?
Wasn't it hurt when she was raped?
Doesn't it hurt even now,
as her colleagues
under the cloak of sympathy
daily transgress her privacy.
Hush hush talk all around
and looks of pity that abound,
mercilessly they hurt the soul.
'Human right' that we pride
is all sham
a matter of shame!
Soul in her body still resides
in agony it still does cry;
when will it all end?

Note: -This poem relates to the very unfortunate and agonising
misery suffered by the hapless nurse, Aruna Shanbaug, victim of sexual assault who lapsed into state of 'coma' and remained in that tortuous condition for 42 long years. Initially Supreme Court denied Euthanasia in her case but subsequently permitted passive euthanasia.

Friday, October 26, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: social injustice
I can only pray for end of the torment that Aruna Shanbaugh's soul must be experiencing. We claim sense of justice, human dignity, mercy and what not. Isn't all that hollow.
Valerie Dohren 28 October 2012

Wow, a very powerful and emotive e write. A great read Om.

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Anita Sehgal 30 October 2012

so appropriately voiced on her behalf... a very sad and tragic incident... how can one ever right such an horrendous wrong done to her..

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Valsa George 30 October 2012

The death in life of this debilitated victim of a callous savage's heinous act evokes horror and pity! A very powerful write! !

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 31 October 2012

I see you have the great compassion, but life is much more then this. Never stop searching for more.

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Elena Sandu 20 December 2012

What a sad story! I have found only now who is Aruna Shanbaugh, my eyes also are full of tears. Quite a strong message, thank you!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 March 2019

She is in coma as doctors announce. This provokes thought and brings sadness. We can only pray and send best wishes. God grants healing. This is excellently penned emotional poem...10

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Patricia Grantham 03 December 2013

A very powerful and eye opening write. A soul degraded by vicious acts of violence. Can one so fragile ever regain a sense of being? Sham and shame two degrading words. Very well put together Om.

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Archana Kumar 21 June 2013

very touching, full of compassion...brought tears to my eyes

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Archana Kumar 21 June 2013

very touching, sad but full of compassion....brought tears to my eyes...Archana

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Dinesan Madathil 20 June 2013

The poem calls for emergence of a wider justice. The tale narrated is soaked in tears and emanates the odour of depletion of true values. Dear Chawla sir, here, your poem expresses a concern on behalf of all of us.

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