Beyond Thehorizon Poem by Om Chawla

Beyond Thehorizon

Rating: 5.0

Yonder in the West,
Just before it sets,
Sun lingers, as if to cast one last look
Over what it illumined through the day.
Soon the sun shall bury itself,
Deep down the horizon in the West,
As if to rest;
And rise again on the morrow
To illumine what it had illumined earlier-
And again and again and again......

And when I look into the mirror,
And see how time has greyed over my head,
Deep in my minds eye
I find myself-
Time ravaged and a lonely soul-
Standing far in the horizon of my life
- where life and death meet-
Craving to cast one last look
On your beauteous figure:
At this moment a thought sweeps my mind,
Shall I also go down the horizon,
Just like sun,
To be born again and seek you
In my next life
And next and next and next...... [1973]

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophical
Indranil Bhaduri 19 September 2012

Wonderful sir.. Mindblowing...Thank you for sharing...

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Elena Sandu 21 September 2012

Beautiful poem! Thank you for share. I have also used the horison in a try to catch my feelings in a poem called the river. You may see there how much I can relate my thoughs to this poem. Wonderful!

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Bri Edwards 22 January 2020

" mind's eye" , not " minds eye" Well, you could TRY to emulate/imitate the Sun, as you suggest! It's said: " Nothing ventured, nothing gained! " to MyPoemList :) bri Good Luck! it seems you wrote poem n 1973. If so, you must have already felt OLD! !

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Patricia Grantham 03 December 2013

A beautiful and well penned write. We may not know what is on the other side of the horizon but we do know that the sun sets in the west. Keep your light shining for humanity. Very good.

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Valsa George 02 September 2013

A very sweet write....! 'Shall I also go down the horizon just like the sun'? Probably the same thought, I have tried to answer in my latest post... The Inevitable End. Sir when time permits, please read!

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Archana Kumar 21 June 2013

Amazing....just want to add That: LAUGH through your heart and dance in the rain; CHERISH the memories and IGNORE the pain; LOVE, learn, forget and forgive: REMEMBER you have ONLY ONE LIFE to live! ! ! ! !

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Yash Shinde 27 October 2012

wonderful sir great imagery......beautifully composed lovely :)

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