Om Chawla

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Om Chawla Poems

1. A Prayer 9/5/2012
2. O Friend 9/5/2012
3. Then And Now -A Stone Breaker 9/5/2012
4. Let Us Live, My Lady, When We Are Young 9/7/2012
5. March On Comrades, March On 9/18/2012
6. Do [two] Ghazalein [ In Urdu] 9/20/2012
7. Am Part Of Thee 4/13/2013
8. Qyamat Ka Din- -[a Poem In Urdu} 10/16/2013
9. Juxtaposed - Growing Years And Declining Age. 5/4/2014
10. A]a Ghazal - {in Urdu} And B]it's English Version. 4/24/2015
11. Mera Aakaar- [a Poem In Punjabi] 9/3/2015
12. Desire's Web- A Fallacious Dream. 10/16/2015
13. Peeda {pain} -A Poem In Hindi. 1/19/2016
14. Fancy's Redemption 3/21/2016
15. Parde Mein Baat.{kataa(A Quatrain) In Urdu 5/25/2016
16. Un Thaki Thaki Si Aankhon Se{kataa (A Quatrain) In Urdu> 5/25/2016
17. Be-Pardgi..........{chand Ashaar....(Urdu) 5/25/2016
18. Laboon Ki Khamoshi {kataa (A Quatrain)} In Urdu 5/25/2016
19. Khushi Se Paon {kataa (A Quatrain) In Urdu} 5/25/2016
20. Unn Ruke Ruke Se Aansoon Ki Kasam..... [a Poem In Urdu} 6/20/2016
21. Kuchh Bhi To Nahein Hai Naam Mein Mere. [a Poem In Hindi] 11/24/2012
22. Bindu. [a Poem In Hindi] 11/21/2012
23. Anokha Yeh Duniya Ka Mela 12/28/2014
24. Jab Samay Ki Dhara Ruk Jayagi [poem In Hindi] 9/22/2012
25. Woh Sawan Tha, Yeh Bhadon Hai. [ Poem In Hindi] 9/22/2012
26. Umar-E-Daraaz [a Poem In Urdu] 9/20/2012
27. Supreme Being 9/5/2015
28. On Line Poet's Friendship 7/14/2014
29. Us Barkha Ki Baat Alag Thi-[ A Poem In Hindi] 7/15/2014
30. Keep Away From My Brimming Bowl 8/20/2014
31. An Echo From The Bygone Past 1/30/2014
32. The Interregnum 12/11/2013
33. Pariyatra Parvat To Hindu Kush- Tale Of Hindu Genocide. 12/12/2015
34. Sawan Aaya [a Poem In Hindi] 9/22/2012
35. Shunyata- An Epilogue 8/25/2013
36. Ik Prem Pujaran. [a Poem In Hindi ] 11/24/2012
37. Grieve Not When I Am Gone. 11/7/2014
38. Ruthiya Yaar Main Kyuon Manavan 12/28/2014
39. Kalpa, Mass Extinction And Resurrection 8/15/2014
40. Indian Summer 7/4/2015

Comments about Om Chawla

  • Richard Beevor (5/6/2014 12:43:00 PM)

    that joyous night, also a joyous night for me to discover your poems, thank you

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  • Patricia Grantham Patricia Grantham (12/3/2013 8:05:00 AM)

    I admire this fellow poet for his versatile writing abilities His poems
    centers around his love for humanity and his desire to live in a world free
    from hate, violence and civil unrest. The words written touches and stirs
    the emotions. May his poems blossom in the world of poetry.

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Best Poem of Om Chawla

Birds Nest

Often have we seen a bird
flying far, again and again
collecting straws to weave a nest-
A shelter to lay eggs
a home- for its young ones to be.
As eggs are hatched
out come the young
chirping or crying, to be fed,
the bird flies again, and again
collecting grains
to feed the young
who cannot fly
It chews the grain but does not swallow
beak to beak it feeds young fellow
caressingly and lovingly
so all are fed properly.
Young get wings, by and by:
and coaxed by the mother bird;
attempt to fly.
Then suddenly one day
the young one ...

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Beyond Thehorizon

Yonder in the West,
Just before it sets,
Sun lingers, as if to cast one last look
Over what it illumined through the day.
Soon the sun shall bury itself,
Deep down the horizon in the West,
As if to rest;
And rise again on the morrow
To illumine what it had illumined earlier-

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