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Padma Rajaoui has also been published under the name Padma Rubiales and the pen name, Sara King. Her book, I Stole a Rock, Poems of Love and Romance, by Sara King, was read from over the Oregon Public Broadcasting station in 2003. A poem from the book was twice read by Garrison Keillor on his Writers Almanac Show on Oct 17,2003 and Oct 17,2004. Her ...

Padma Rajaoui Poems

Aunt Millie

Aunt Millie pinned her white hair
back with coral combs,
her bird-claw fingers grasping
at curtain fringe and lampshades,

A New Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little sheep
who wouldn’t go to sleep. Her name was Ewe.
She cried there was a pea under her mattress,
but there was no pea,

Padma Rajaoui Comments

Maria Davids 20 October 2004

you go girl i like your chutzpah...

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