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Sydney mullok anime girl 26 November 2017

Does he do poems about anime

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Hunter 26 November 2017

Hey poem hunter, we share a name

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Madison Nicole goldrick 26 November 2017

Hi Lucy Waldron green????

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Lucy Waldron green 26 November 2017

Great emojis Madison Nicole goldigger

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Jess Roberts 26 November 2017

Hi poem hunter, is there any poems on how to get popular

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Nanny nancy 26 November 2017

Near the buy your own hotdog factory

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Hannah weighing stands 26 November 2017

I’m Hannah Wright where’s the tortoise factory

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Madison Nicole gold digger 26 November 2017

I’m not a gold digger I’m a fan acc

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Sadie hinks 26 November 2017

Has Chloe Meade even said anything

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Mia pullar 26 November 2017

Hi Chloe meade

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The Best Poem Of Paul Barratt

Our Culture

We are all just
Just here looking all around
Around the world, we have come
Come to a land
Land of fortune
Fortune to all, we are all different
Different we dare, show us your culture
Culture is all around us
Us be taught, us be educated
Educated we will survive
Survive as many peoples
Peoples are very dear
Dear to our country
Country is our home
Home to very many
Many different cultures
Australian culture, of course.

Paul Barratt Popularity

Paul Barratt Popularity

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