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We are all just
Just here looking all around
Around the world, we have come
Come to a land

A memory lost.
A tear forms,
But I'm not sad.
Sad of the loss

Take pride,
Take pride for a walk.
Show it off,
Show it everywhere,

Of light by day I see your beauty
Of light by night I see your beauty
Your beauty shines in your eyes
Your beauty shines in side


Take time to really breath,
your life depends upon it.

Take time to really see,

The nature of rain remains the same.
It grows thorns in the marshes, and flowers in the lane,
And offers rainbows of beauty to ease the pain.
As life's pot holes can seem to drive us insane,

why does the cloud in the sky pass you by
when you can be looking down at the ground around
at this time in your mind
the past went so fast

Wanna look, I can hide
Nowhere to run
Run in my mind
To look on the inside

I awoke from a nightmare, an illusion of a dream.
Clutching, grasping for reality it seemed.
Was it real, was it really true?
Controlling the masses, chosen by a few.


So precious and fragile
We walk away
Taken for granted
We live to see another day

Yesterday I heard you say
That you didn't really care
And I wanted to run away
But all I could do is stare

I followed a little rainbow
That lead me to your heart
Filled with beautiful colours
That reflected our love oh so true


Shiver me timbers
Where has the world gone?
Days of innocence, all but lost.
There was no disgrace to be a certain race.

That certain thought of one.
Dancing with excitement, darting with energy drawn and the spark goes on.
Infinitely encompassing desire, yearning, striving as no-one has ever done.
But looking all around, inwards, backwards, forwards, but for one.

When I hear you say goodbye
It nearly makes me wanna cry
Do you really need to know
How much I love you so


The world is our universe,
So blue and deep so free.
We are but a bubble unto thee.
When we die our bubble will pop,

when life gets u down and love is not around,
your a long time gone where there is no frown,
life is a gift you just have to unwrap it,

Dear Book;
The pages I see and the words I write seem to be only clear to me.
What does it all mean that its a fine line to be with sanity or without.
Does it seem that the world all wrong or is it all right.

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Our Culture

We are all just
Just here looking all around
Around the world, we have come
Come to a land
Land of fortune
Fortune to all, we are all different
Different we dare, show us your culture
Culture is all around us
Us be taught, us be educated
Educated we will survive
Survive as many peoples
Peoples are very dear
Dear to our country
Country is our home
Home to very many
Many different cultures
Australian culture, of course.

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I wrote a poem and how to be a teachers pet

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