Poet Tree Poem by Paul Butters

Poet Tree

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I have a picture of a tree
(In my minds eye)
But it’s not the vision
That you will see!

For you see a conifer
But I see a palm
And mine’s in a jungle,
Yet yours is near a farm.

Our worlds, mounts and rivers
They all differ too.
Different views
On what is true.

Every poet has his (or her) own tree
But you the reader
Let your mind run free
Like wind
Through the Poet Tree.
That’s Poetry!

(W) and © 9.00, Fri.9\5\2008.

Friday, May 9, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Christine Kerr 14 February 2009

A good way of showing that everyone has a different view of things.

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Rochelle Cashdan 23 May 2008

Fun for me to read and probably fun to write. If you're up to another poem on blackberries, take a look at Mary Oliver's August.

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Hans Vr 22 July 2017

So true. We are so different and yet so similar. I love the way the way express a giant truth.

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Paul Butters 22 July 2017

Thanks very much, Hans.

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Dr Antony Theodore 12 May 2017

Our worlds, mounts and rivers They all differ too. Different views On what is true... With these descripitons you are bringing a great philosophy of how everyone sees the truth differently. liked ur poem ver4y much. thank you dear poet. tony

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Paul Butters 12 May 2017

Thanks Tony. Yes, in narrative everything is described precisely, but in poetry we evoke different things in different individuals.

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Adeline Foster 23 March 2016

Somehow there is sense in this one. My tree is none of those places. Read mine - Trees - and you will see why. Adeline

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Paul Butters 25 March 2016

MMM Your poem sadly reminds us how trees WERE back in the good old past before civilisation cleared so many away!

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Paul Butters 19 August 2015

Thanks Everyone for your kind comments here.

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Heather Wilkins 02 November 2014

we each have our own way of thinking a good write

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Paul Butters

Paul Butters

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