What Is Left To Say? Poem by Paul Butters

What Is Left To Say?

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What is left to say
About our humdrum daily lives?
Monday to Sunday all year round
In time manufactured by mankind.
Monotonous mazes of standardised building blocks.
Daytime TV all timetabled and scheduled
The Interweb
Media meditation
For brainwashed, mindless zombies:
Heads immersed in mobile phones
Or faces bathed in television light.

Crime ridden streets await us
When we venture forth
To pre-appointed places
In a world we call "Routine".

Little wonder then
That Imagination soon takes over
At least for me.
Heading off to Planet Paul
For flights of fancy
Fuelled by Star Trek
And Battlestar Gallactica to name but two
Of my favourite shows.
For I love Space
And anything else that lies beyond
The dreariness
Of the Here and Now.

Why do you write?
They ask as if Confession is required.
I stumble on my words
Trying to explain
How I simply have to write.
For I never can stop dreaming
And once I dream
Then I simply have to share
Whatever I've dreamt
With all of you.

© PB 18\12\2018.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: imagination,life,poetic expression,creativity
Kumarmani Mahakul 19 December 2018

Imagination gives little wonder and sometimes motivates mind for broader success. A brilliant poem is excellently penned with broader views. An excellent sharing is done here.10

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Paul Butters 19 December 2018

Indeed, Imagination has a Bright Side and a Dark Side. I try to stay sunny. Thanks for the high praise.

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Anil Kumar Panda 18 December 2018

A beautiful write indeed about the hustle bustle of life. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.

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Paul Butters 18 December 2018

**Sings** We're busy doing nothing, isn't it just a crime? Yes, all huffing and puffing to no useful end. That's where poetry comes in.

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Kostas Lagos 18 December 2018

Keep on writing mr. Butters! Your writing is incredible!

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Paul Butters 18 December 2018

Thanks Kostas. The main thing for me is the enjoyment and release.......

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Bernard F. Asuncion 18 December 2018

Paul, a remarkable write👍👍

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Paul Butters 18 December 2018

Many Thanks, Bernard. I just say what I think, at the time.

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Paul Butters

Paul Butters

Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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