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To be like them who all would envy
To know a love that snared two hearts
To feel that love while in their presence
To wonder how such true love starts

In the garden I call life
Where I grow so many things
I pull the weeds of toil and strife
that life and living brings.

Each raindrop on the water
is a ripple on the tide.
A million drops creating
a million ripples that collide.

Hope gives in to longing thought,
of all desires that I've sought.
A wanton heart might now be caught,
if this be love, that you have brought.


I found our love shaped like a rose
on a lonely empty street,
It seems so strange, so sad, to find it
lying at my feet.

I see God in you and I am blessed.
I know that I don't have to guess,
why you fit so perfect in my life.

Not just tonight …but something forever.
Not just a part…but rather the whole.
Not just mere words…casually spoken,
but rather a promise...from heart and soul.

I walk a road unknown,
Where not a hint of fate is shown.
The footprints left, not just my own,
for God walks by my side.

She may never know just what she means to me.
She's helped me heal and helped me grow, be all that I should be.
She loves me for who I am, and though I may not understand
Why she chose this broken man and shattered soul.

The sound of loved ones...just beyond these walls
that separate one small room from another.
Familiar sounds...welcomed sounds

on the man that I've become
battles lost and won...through tears and sweat

To walk the wire, rise from the fire...recover from the blow
To break the chain, march through the rain...and smile at the foe

To not be led by circumstance or simply sit and wait

The problems of this world are large,
lifes trials are so demanding.
I need a God beyond my ken,
beyond my understanding.

You take him to the schools front door
and tell him its okay.
First day of school, there's so much more,
you truly want to say.

So much more, them ever dreamed of.
So much more than my best friend.
Not believing worldly wisdom,
That once love starts the friendship ends.

I wanted to sing a song of praise, so I sat down and wrote,
a song that glorified my Christ in every word and note.
I spent so much time in word and rhyme, that I almost got in wrong...
I almost lost my Savior in the song.

Where was the guard at hearts gate
Where was the warning cry
How could he let you enter and hurt me
Why did he let you walk by

I'm an unfinished product
A work that's in progress
Though I no longer call myself young
I'm flawed and I'm broken

God will send an angel
at the moment he designed
To tell me that my time has come,
to leave this world behind

At waters edge we dared the night,
to hold the moment, never end.
To hold back dawns encroaching light,
and count each second...saviour..friend.

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Perry Biggerstaff currently lives in Illinois. His poetry is his attempt to crystalize his emotions, experiences, and his thoughts.)

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Growing Old Together

To be like them who all would envy
To know a love that snared two hearts
To feel that love while in their presence
To wonder how such true love starts

To hear it in in their conversation
To catch it when their voices rise
To see it in her softest gesture
and in the twinkle of his eyes

To see them slowly walk together
To see him reach out for her hand
A habit born from years of caring
Is more than most can understand

To see two lives so wrapped together
Two hearts merged and so aligned
Where thoughts are shared before they're spoken
When mind and soul are intertwined

To watch them look upon each other
and know they see beyond the years
They see with eyes of two young lovers
Filled with the joy of lovers tears

All wonder where such true love started
Not coincidence, but sacrifice
God was there in their chance meeting
When two would choose to pay one price

Behind this love is certain knowledge
True love only can be won
When there's unconditional surrender
To give all for the other one.

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