Peter Krisciunas

Rookie (Naperville, IL)

Peter Krisciunas Poems

1. The Loss Of An Awesome Pine 3/11/2008
2. Their Stomping Grounds 3/11/2008
3. Horizon 4/1/2008
4. Your Eyes Are Aircrafts 4/1/2008
5. Thirstbird 4/26/2008
6. As The Two 4/26/2008
7. Two Shouts Shy 4/26/2008
8. Hemingway's Heirs 4/26/2008
9. The Magnificent Yet Tragic 4/26/2008
10. Here Is A Toast To The Rampages Of Drunken Idiots 4/26/2008
11. I Quit 4/26/2008
12. God Hates Ravens 4/26/2008
13. What Apples Do 4/26/2008
14. I Wrote This For You In The Dark 4/26/2008
15. An Opposite Replica 4/26/2008
16. My Kitchen Table 4/26/2008
17. Thanksgivin' Stuffin 4/26/2008
18. Traffic Jam Riots 4/26/2008
19. Borderlife 5/17/2008
20. Once I Meet 5/17/2008
21. Even Me 5/17/2008
22. Pet Puke 5/17/2008
23. Stars Are Windows 5/17/2008
24. No Returns 5/17/2008
25. A Hippo Of Murky Relations 5/17/2008
Best Poem of Peter Krisciunas

Their Stomping Grounds


Sometimes bears will hibernate
and not awake til September
Yet they still remember
The special smells of their stomping grounds
And the forest's which surround them.
And the great white sharks
Will retaliate versus fisherman
They thank their God they're not Tuna
As a skunk appears in the bushes
A person ponders the poison he pushes
The pastry in my pen is so suspicious
But this boisonberry's so delicious
Sleep it off - the waters warm
It's time to shake hands with the fishes
And it's a brand new ...

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It is a strange day

There are freedom birds

There are ransom notes

Even thunder clouds

This sky is full of questions

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