Education Poem by Phinda Mkhonta


The zeal without education is fire without light
But zeal with education is fire with flames of light
I have seen the holy well with it watercress plants
Where one drinks and never goes taste again,
Fools and madman speak pure truth about it temperaments,
This well gives eminent fruit and the fruit never perish,
When buying it is expensive but it water never dries.

I have seen the great treasure were it is hidden,
It is dinged by the sons of patient in situations
Those who have wolf in their belly never play around,
They pass like some swam of bees and regret later.

I have seen the bread of the internal soul,
It never dry, get rotten nor get finish in you,
Ones you eat it lives in you,
Those served with it never ask for second help.

I have found a great weapon of the millennium age,
It is greater than the sharp spears of our ancestors,
With this dynamite you destroy the vocabulary of poverty,
You pass where people are closing,
You ride running like a strike of a thunder in communities.

Indira Renganathan 17 September 2009

'zeal with education is fire with flames of light'....and the last've done well on education....great write....thank you

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Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi 22 September 2007

this is a lovely genre' which of your poems i dont like' no one. thanks. i know education is a gems stone no one can take away from me.

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