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Pier Paolo Pasolini (March 5, 1922 – November 2, 1975) was an Italian film director, poet, writer and intellectual. Pasolini distinguished himself as a poet, journalist, philosopher, linguist, novelist, playwright, filmmaker, newspaper and magazine columnist, actor, painter and political figure. He demonstrated a unique and extraordinary cultural v ...

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11 November 2014

The power of consumer goods ... has been engendered by the so-called liberal and progressive demands of freedom, and, by appropriating them, has emptied them of their meaning, and changed their nature.

11 November 2014

The sexual freedom of today for most people is really only a convention, an obligation, a social duty, a social anxiety, a necessary feature of the consumer's way of life.

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Prabir Mitra 20 November 2019

Exceptional poet. His poems have the flavour of rural Italy and addresses the common man.

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William Sandles 21 September 2014

Pasolini is a wonderful poet. I highly recommend his Roman Poems; as well as his films.

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Pier Paolo Pasolini Popularity

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