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I have always kept journals and writing poems is just a natural extension of journaling. Most are about my own life, some are just thoughts of the moment.
(PinkPixie is a penn name)

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A Chance

If there was a chance, just one perfect moment in time.
Would I have the courage to take it, finally make something mine.
So many chances that I have watched pass me by,
never having the courage or the strength to try.

Little Girl Lost

Little girl lost, oh where can you be?
Your bright eyes and sweet smile, now lost to me.
Forever alone and always so afraid.
Would things have been different if only you had stayed?


I lie in desperation, endlessly drifting on the tide,
Whispering from shore to shore,  A lonely sea to ride.
No last communion there to behold, only death's cold glare!
Cast upon a withered beach, on sands that would not care.


Stay in the moment, try to be strong. 
Pretend, fake it, somehow get along.
Don't make waves, and never rock the boat.
Keep your head up, fight to stay afloat.

The Key

At the top of a staircase that is both narrow and long,
Is a small wooden door with a lock that is big and strong.
I have climbed these stairs too many times to count,
Each time more determined to finally find out.

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