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0006 'Love Is Knowledge'

Rating: 1.9

When first I saw you, I saw but your face;
and felt for you, no more nor less
than others of the human race;
you were as other; that I must confess;

and yet, by some uncharted act of grace,
the grace of you stayed in my memory;
stole subtly through my eyes and ears,
my ears and eyes; stole subtly to my heart;

and what my heart knew, murmured to my mind;
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Charley60 K 30 December 2006

What an awesome write-Love is Knowledge....I do so much agree. We meet people, and they are as all at first just a human being. Until we allow time to get to know them and the affect they have on us. The way in which they make us feel, and the things they teach us about themselves and ourselves. The way the do things, and the way it makes us see things differently, as in a new light or never seen before. Love is knowledge, because without the knowledge how could we love. A great write.....

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So, at the risk of sounding like I'm spouting unconstructive dribble, I'll spout some unconstructive but accurate dribble; I find this absolutely, unmitigatedly beautiful, and 'nuff said. t x

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Raynette Eitel 03 December 2006

This is, above all, caring and gentle, Michael. My favorite stanza is the third. It is so poetic, so loaded with the act of loving. The whole poem is love put simply. Raynette

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