001 Bird's Eye View Poem by Manonton Dalan

001 Bird's Eye View

Rating: 4.2

arm’s length away
i could see
threads on your dress
sweat on your legs

close to mine
i could feel
your warmth
i could hear
your heart beats

i give you kiss
you pretend
it didn’t touch
yet, you’re quiet
with close eyes

you give me hug
when i’m not expecting
you wipe off my sweat
and touch my lips

writing on the hill
we are like dots
we don’t mean much
to rejoicing clouds

rocks of love
they’re to stay
above grass
overlooking the bay

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Linda Winchell 17 December 2008

Very visual piece of two lovers embracing. Linda

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Joseph Vincent Orlanda 06 April 2010

i guess unconditional love still prevails in this day and age...

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Samuel Chung 04 April 2010

Hello. nice poem! its brief, but then its also powerful! as promised, i will visit, and thank you for telling me what to do, although, sadly to say it didnt work. but anyways. good poem, and hope for more

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Mary Naylor 03 January 2009

I thought this was a beautiful and romantic poem. The imagery was lovely and original.

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*Trusting You* 23 December 2008

this has a lot of images in it. well done enjoyable piece. Crystal

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Juan Carlos Abeti 18 December 2008

inspirational and very well wtitten, great.

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