... I Could Laugh Poem by Manonton Dalan

... I Could Laugh

Rating: 2.6

i know-
you won’t join me
beneath the moon
to taste ferments
from crystalline glass
nesting on satin

though you
have that longing
wedge within-
embering to a glow
warming winter cold
to degree of comfortability
yet doubts drape
with gentle feathery clouds passing,
sprouting buds concealed
too young to foresee
blooms on mistletoe

but i’m most hopeful... enough
that i could... i could laugh

Matthew Foor 24 January 2013

I really enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing.

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Matthew Foor 24 January 2013

Im loving the pieces that I have read and ranked so far. Another young poet takes the stage.

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Gerard Rochford 23 June 2012

you have a wayward gift. who are you?

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Adeline Foster 17 April 2012

Love it! Liked that doubts drape. Read mine - Frost Flowers - Adeline

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Joseph Poewhit 18 November 2008

Nice to have a good feeling attitude

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Tom Allport 14 May 2017

a nice poem of what could be if only they could see? ha ha LOL.............wonderfully written

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Brenda Aniban 02 November 2016

good one i loved this very much

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Your laugh makes sorrows forget.

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Akhtar Jawad 25 December 2015

Nice to be hopeful for a laughter............................................

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C. P. Sharma 15 November 2015

You peep into hearts and have a way to say things that attract.

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