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... I Could Laugh

Rating: 2.6

i know-
you won’t join me
beneath the moon
to taste ferments
from crystalline glass
nesting on satin

though you
have that longing
wedge within-

embering to a glow
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Matthew Foor 24 January 2013

I really enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing.

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Matthew Foor 24 January 2013

Im loving the pieces that I have read and ranked so far. Another young poet takes the stage.

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Gerard Rochford 23 June 2012

you have a wayward gift. who are you?

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Adeline Foster 17 April 2012

Love it! Liked that doubts drape. Read mine - Frost Flowers - Adeline

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Joseph Poewhit 18 November 2008

Nice to have a good feeling attitude

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Tom Allport 14 May 2017

a nice poem of what could be if only they could see? ha ha LOL.............wonderfully written

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Brenda Aniban 02 November 2016

good one i loved this very much

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Your laugh makes sorrows forget.

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Akhtar Jawad 25 December 2015

Nice to be hopeful for a laughter............................................

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C. P. Sharma 15 November 2015

You peep into hearts and have a way to say things that attract.

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