A Dot On Living Dreams Poem by Manonton Dalan

A Dot On Living Dreams

Rating: 5.0

clouds mingling reflecting sun
it's bright and so great for fun
sun blocker news on this land
coco oil, orange peeling, grand
umbrella, a fan, a shed of a tree
very nice place, you should be

looking your eyes heaven
muggy hot all forgotten
sweet smile to come along
reverberates to a love song
lyrics could be words you said
in rhymes or in mumble thread

but feeling you’re near me
enough to rock me gently
tender touch makes us one
admiring beauty all around
kisses could seal the seams
hugs, wonderful living dreams

when darkness harvest light
sun creatures on homing flight
twinkles dotting the horizon
soft shadows from the moon
rest infinite craving of a flesh
you; me would surely be please

Vilma Xelin 26 August 2008

I just could smell, taste, and feel your poem with all my senses my dear... too well penned, I like the way you contact your feelings and express it with all the colours and flavors... for real I could feel it! Thanks for sharing!

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Reshma Ramesh 01 October 2008

wow! ! yes i wish i was there.........great write

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Lily Law 24 September 2008

it's really cool the way u see the world.. nice poem with magnificent imaginary... =)

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 September 2008

A moving composition with wonderful metaphors,10 for it.

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Wanelisa Albert 29 August 2008

you have the ability to take people to the most beautiful places of the world with your words. breathtaking imagery my friend.

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Iohannes Silvaticus 26 August 2008

Wonderful imagery to complement the emotions!

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Manonton Dalan

Manonton Dalan

virginia, usa
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