0010 Memory Poem by Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire

0010 Memory

Rating: 3.0

and brought back with her

the first few primroses she did not pick
tucked neat into the hedgerow

a wisp of sheepwool
caught on wire she did not touch

a dewdro p which the sun caught as she passed

rabbits who lifted softbrush ears
paused then hopped away and yet not fast

a slight breeze which did not touch the primroses
which blew the wisp of sheepwool a little for a moment

which trembled the dewdro p into colours
and yet it stayed on the grass stalk

in the night
the primroses sheltered in her and grew imperceptibly

the sheepwool almost touched her
the dewdro p joined the air around her

the rabbits slept close to her
the breeze sighed and waited outside the window

in the morning they awoke together

Danny Reynolds 11 October 2006

No skitty remarks for this Michael, just top marks for a thoughtful work. Danny

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Linda Ori 24 October 2006

Charming and fairytale-like. Wonderful use of imagery - a magical piece of work. Linda

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Alison Cassidy 12 October 2006

a snippet of pastoral life with a sort of e e cummings feel. this is definitely painted in water colour, or maybe pastel. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Scarlett Treat 11 October 2006

This is a beautifully gentle poem...from the gentle breeze to the bit of sheepwool floating about to the single dewdropp to the rabbits. It is peaceful and lovely, a memory to be treasured.

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Debora Short 11 October 2006

simply beautiful! ..and going on my favorites list.

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David Gerardino 11 October 2006

Michael, one of your best.............10

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Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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