(01) The ‘gap’ Called Life! Poem by VINOD A K

(01) The ‘gap’ Called Life!

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The ‘Gap’ called Life!

Journey of life
From cradle to grave
A glance let me have
at this ‘Gap’ between
The point End and
The point Starting!
Caught in this ‘Gap’
Thinking we ‘own’
This intangible space
And the transient time!
In this ‘ownership’ illusive
Lose, don’t we
Moments precious
Of love, peace & harmony!
Overpowered by our Ego,
With Greed, Anger & Jealousy!
Like a journey in a bus
Family& friends
Are the co-passengers
And Events momentous
Just the passing scenery!
Yet, in all arrogance,
As said the great Bhagat Singh
“We live as if, we won’t die!
We die as if, we never lived! ”
This ‘Gap’ called Life,
What then is the purpose?
To Discover my True Self
By removng all Ignorance!
Spreading love with compassion
Bringing smiles to everyone!
Leaving a fragrant mark indelible
In this ‘Gap’ called Life!

Mandara Pookal 17 November 2009

Your concept and expression is very good and neatly executed. mandara

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Catrina Heart 29 May 2009

Between both ends of ones being........meaningful poem written..........10

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Shweta Advani 08 May 2009

Very well written...it's a journey....of life...10++++

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C. P. Sharma 29 April 2009

Call it a dream or a waking sleep, Life, no doubt, has meanings deep. CP

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Bob Blackwell 25 April 2009

Thank you, for explaining the way to live a happy life so beautifully. 'Spreading love with compassion, bringing smiles to everyone! ' Wonderful lines of poetry.

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Mala Parvathy 12 December 2020

The Reality.....beautifully expressed

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Pradeep Kumar 12 December 2020

Beautiful carfting of words, सांस लेने से सांस जाने तक क्या कहने ज़िन्दगी हवा में है

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Beena Sajit 12 December 2020

Beautifully penned . A lesson we all know but forget .

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Supriya Prathapan 28 March 2010

We all must die, we know it, yet we waste time thinking about the future and don't enjoy our present life. Beautiful poem.10++

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 29 December 2009

Very wise postulation…knowing the ‘Self’…indeed focus of life… 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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