(030) Butterfield Brite Poem by Melvina Germain

(030) Butterfield Brite

Rating: 5.0

Trudging wearily many dark miles ahead.
In the distance, a light shone bright,
from an old rustic cabin
standing alone in the dim lit night.

Energetic vibes increased as
my legs picked up the pace.
A light at the end of the tunnel
to be my saving grace.

Deep within my soul, a sealed
envelope I’ll hold.
Till the time is right
to reveal and be told.

Loud voices reigned, through an
old window marred with mud stain.
while sitting round an old oak table
engaged in conversation recapping
events of the past- realization-
I’am home, I’am home- at last.

Standing quietly on that old rugged
porch, listening contently,
feeling warm and fearless.
all of a sudden…… I heard this…..

What are you doing here, you nasty
old critter, standing, lurking like a
peeping tom, answer me - you-
who do you think you are. Raise
your hands and step inside.

I did just as the old man ordered,
stepped inside. Three old men sat
wearing many a different hyde.
Piercing eyes found deep penetration.
Still, I felt no fear, for certain,
they will welcome me here.

A chair hit me in the back of my legs,
down I fell to sit.
Laughter erupted all around,
A room filled with warmth and wit.

They sat me down, gave me tea
and bread, I grinned, chuckled
and laughed a lot. A family
reunion for years twas sought
into dawn we sat and talked.

The men knew their time here was short,
for their land was repossessed of sorts.
I held the key deep within my soul,
soon to release their lands hold.

To them I spoke of fraudulent deeds,
gave them all they would need,
to release the land of which was truly
theirs, held against them for many years.

Weeks come and weeks go,
ground soon to be without snow.
I will leave in the middle of the night,
knowing all is well in Butterfield brite.

Written: March 21/2007

David Harris 24 March 2007

Malvina, a long and majestic poem that crosses the thresholds of time. The rhythm ran as smooth as silk drawing the reader to read and relish every line. At times I felt I was in that cabin in Butterfield Brite enjoying the entertainment each night. Awesome poem. I really loved it. Thanks for sharing it. David

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Lipstick Casanova 05 May 2007

Melvina, It sounds to me like Butterfield Brite is your savior just as much as you are theirs. The light reached for you, and you helped spread that wonderful warmth to those men. Helping people is something that you do best, and it is no wonder why they did welcome you, make you laugh. Such a delightful story you have weaved. -L.C.

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Sandra Fowler 26 March 2007

A very finely wrought piece. Your poem stories have character and warmth. Love, Sandra

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Dee Daffodil 26 March 2007

Bravo Melvina...what a wonderful poem, with humour and delight. A lovely adventure. Hugs, Dee

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Catastrophe King 26 March 2007

I would agree with David and say MAJESTIC..... but, Melvina.... you... you... you are definitely not any ordinary poet! ! ! ! This has has the thing which keeps the reader waiting.... waiting to grasp the next..... You have the capacity to glide your lexis like the skate on ice-rink! Thoroughly enjoyed your beholding capacity and got glued to your narration.

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Sylvia Spencer 26 March 2007

Melvina I liked this poem so much I had to read it three times it was of the kind you did not want to end beautifuly told and of course beautifuly written. Cheers Sylviex

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

Sydney, Nova Scotia
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