(04) The Test, The Result! Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(04) The Test, The Result!

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The test of 'friendship forever'
Comes not when you are together,
It comes when you are alone,
And over your hardtimes you moan.

If at times of your despair
The friend comes to you to care,
And lends a helping hand you need,
It is a friend, true friend indeed.

Sing of the friend who lives poor,
Enjoys life not on penny mere,
And more than self-comfort cares for you,
And never in rivalry betrays you.

Oh! But the world is round you know!
Selfishness speaks, men greedily grow.
Then boast no more your lovely friend,
Who hurts you by his bitter trend!

22nd of March,2006
(Written in the tenth grade)

trisha evensen 11 May 2006

this is a very nice poem with sweet sentiments on friendship

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Dr. Lubna S. Khan 09 May 2006

the title 'The Test, The Result' given to this poem looks rather weird, doesn't it? but i really mean by it. 'The Test' over here refers to the 'test of friendship'. the last stanza gives out 'The Result' wherein it is meant that the world today has failed this 'test of friendship'

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Nice name-Lubna, i wonder what it means? and nice poem too.

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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