Missing You, Dad! Poem by Lubna S. Khan

Missing You, Dad!

Rating: 2.7

We love you so much, Dad,
Your absence kills me, stabs me.
We miss you continuously,
Come back, come back to me.

As I sit to study,
To accomplish our goal,
Dad, I think of you
And down my tears roll.

I always want you Dad,
I just want to see you,
I want to hear your voice;
Come back, I miss you.

We don not want luxuries,
Dad, we want your comfort.
Damn the bloody money there,
Come, Mom needs you first.

Everyday as I talk to you,
For a moment I'm with you,
But hardly as we disconnect,
My heart sobs, it misses you.

Was it so much needed,
To go away so far, Dad?
Our home seems to be haunted,
That silence makes me mad.

Mom somehow passes her day,
But as her chores are done
And as she lays down for some rest,
Again, in her thoughts you come.

My ears are craving...
Your scoldings are to be heard,
Your soothing, serene face, Dad...
I miss the prick of your beard!

I know it needs a brave heart,
To stay alone so far,
We love you unconditionally,
Dad, you'r our superstar!

Heavily the heart accepts,
That you've gone to make money,
You so much care for us, our future,
Our happiness and our study!

Deep somewhere in my heart,
I would deny all the days
The luxuries, the studies,
To be with you always.

Had I known Dad, that
Growing up demands money,
I'd have never grown up,
And remained your kid, your honey.

Once more, as I shut my eyes
And your lovely face I see, again
This last tear wets the page
Dad, please come back again...!

A message for the best, lovliest and the most caring Father,
By Your daughter, Abbujaan,

Vinod Ak 26 August 2009

A touching, sweet poem succinctly expressing your profound love for your father. Your Dad will be proud to have a talented daughter like you! Splenind work...God Bless you!

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Reetessh Sabrr 27 March 2009

You have stirred that beautiful emotion a daughter and a father share.. So candidly and beautifully u have made these lines.. Had I known Dad, that Growing up demands money, I'd have never grown up, And remained your kid, your honey.

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Con Nie 20 August 2008

Such a beautiful poem for your Dad. Nice to have such a loving father like that. Thanks for sharing that. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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